correct cricbuzz prediction today: If you want to add color to your Test Cricket: Usman Khawaja

Usman Khawaja enjoys playing for SCG. He made his Test debut there and is now on his third consecutive Test century. Came back there to win another ton fine in battle. Once there, he started a small dance party to celebrate.

“At the post-[SCG century] celebrations, I always enjoy adding a bit of color to Test his cricket, both figuratively and literally,” he said of Khawaja, referring to the 2016 ” I explained the “dubbing” incident. “I remember tapping here in 2016 and how many people on the team were like, ‘I can’t believe you did that, I can’t believe you tapped, the old man came out, it’s a test – cricket, absolutely I can dab, you guys raise your bats, I can do whatever I want but still respect. It really brings a bit of color to traditional games,” he added.

Khawaja also spoke of his experience adapting to Australian cricket culture and trying to ‘be his own man’. I felt there was, otherwise I would be [out]. We have tried to adapt as much as possible to the culture of the Australian cricket team. It wasn’t until 2015 that I matured a bit and tried to be my own man.I was still riding for it, but I didn’t care,” he added.

The milestone he achieved on Thursday was something special, but he’s now five miles away from his one big milestone, his first Test Double 100. He could have gotten it himself on Thursday, but the rain and lack of light lengthened his wait. It was washed off without a hitch, and he had to wait longer. With two more games left over the weekend, I’ll come up with an explanation for forcing a result here.

“If he (Pat Cummins) bowls right away, I think it’s going to be pretty tough. I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Khawaja said of the prospect of a statement overnight. , joked about letting Dean (Elgar) know that we will be declaring soon.”

“We don’t know that. We could have gone out and tried a few more runs very quickly, or we could have explained it right away. That is clearly a decision that must be made tomorrow. Let him decide what the weather is like and how he wants to play this game,” he added.

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