Cricbuzz prediction today: ACA Executive Director on Run-Outs: “It should not be the word mankad”

“I want to say to all players, former players and coaches: If you are behind the line, don’t have that conversation.”

The chief executive of the Australian Cricketers’ Association has called for the word ‘mankad’ to be removed from the language of football, saying players have a key role to play in removing the stigma surrounding dismissals. increase.

The nature of the dismissal, which ESPNcricinfo is now calling an expired fuse after Adam Zampa’s failed attempt on Tom Rogers on BBL, has recently returned to MCG headlines. I warned De Bruyne to reset during the Boxing Day test.

“I don’t think it’s an argument. I think it’s very black and white. It shouldn’t be the word mankad,” Todd Greenberg said on SEN radio during a test in Sydney. I agree that players have a role to play in order to do so, and that is the non-striker’s last run.

“In a game played where centimetres, even millimetres, make the difference, if the onus and responsibility is on the bowler to stay behind the line at the point of delivery then the onus and responsibility should be on the batter to do similar.”

Greenberg added it was vital for players in the professional game to lead the way so that those involved at lower levels, and youngsters coming up, could see them setting the example.

“Players have a huge opportunity to change language and tone,” he said. “And that correlates right down through participation because this is not just an issue at the elite level, it will be an issue in an Under-12s game on a Saturday and it will put parents and volunteers under huge pressure if they don’t see what’s happening at the elite level. The kids at that level replicate what happens on the field.”

In the aftermath of Zampa’s run-out attempt, there appeared to be a divide in the Melbourne Stars team with coach David Hussey saying it was not the way to play the game but Zampa largely standing by his actions. Greenberg acknowledged that getting all players and those involved in the game at a senior level on the same page would be a challenge. “Sometimes you have to have tough conversations, sometimes you have to get your players together and say it’s better for the game,” he said. “I want to say to all players, former players and coaches: If you are behind the line, don’t have that conversation.”

The MCC sought to remove the stigma associated with dismissal by moving from unfair play to the rules of the game. Debate continues as to whether the wording of the law is sufficiently clear, particularly regarding elements of the Bowler’s release his point that were important in the recent Zampa example.

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