Cricbuzz prediction today: “I don’t know why people do this. How many have tons against Afghanistan?”: Salman Butt analyzes his Virat Kohli critics

Former Pakistan captain Salman Bhatt has slammed those who questioned the legitimacy of Virat Kohli’s century against Afghanistan, and he has returned to his highest signal in hundreds of consecutive ODI crickets. He said it proved quality.

Virat Kohli started his 2023 with a bang, smashing his ODI century for the 45th time and leading India to victory by his 67 runs. This was his second straight streak in the format and marked his return to the dominant best in whiteball cricket after more than three years of struggle.

Incidentally, Kohli’s first international century in over three years was also his first century at the T20 International. He recorded his unbeaten 122 in just 61 balls. This broke the record for the highest score scored by an Indian player in a T20I match. It happened in the 2022 Asian Cup against an already-eliminated Afghan side in the rubber dead game of the tournament, so many wondered if it was a false dawn for Kohli.

However, he has since proved that it is not an isolated case by recording two of his ODI centuries, and is now just within his four tonnes of most tendrukers in this format. equals the record of Former Pakistani captain Salman Bhatt has criticized those who questioned Kohli’s legitimacy of the century against Afghanistan, saying he is now showing his quality.

“He scored a century in the Asian Cup against Afghanistan,” Butt said on his YouTube channel. “They have a strong bowling attack. How many hitters have they scored centuries against them? It’s often said that when Kohli scores a century, it’s a weak team or a flat stretch. The man did it 73 times. I don’t understand why certain fans do this. This man is a cricket genius. ”

Butt also spoke of Kohli’s extraordinary strike against Pakistan at the T20 World Cup, helping India win the game from a seemingly unwinnable situation. “Virat Kohli’s strike against Pakistan at the T20 World Cup was very special,” he added. “It’s never easy to play like that, especially when your form is in a slump. Shots like that take a player to the next level.”

Kohli went undefeated on 82 of his 53 pitches. It took India 28 runs to win the last eight balls and Kohli beat most of them to a memorable victory.

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