cricket match prediction today:Ranji Trophy: Karneil Singh’s ‘dangerous and inappropriate’ pitch interrupts Railway vs Punjab match

A maximum of 24 wickets had fallen in just 103 overs, 20 of which went to the fast bowlers when play was stopped by the referee who decided to play a two-day match on a new surface from Thursday.

The Ranji Trophy match between Railways and Punjab at Karneil Singh Stadium was deemed ‘dangerous and unplayable’ by match officials who decided to hold the two-day match on the new surface from Thursday. It was later discontinued on Wednesday.

A maximum of 24 wickets fell in just 103 overs, 20 of which were by fast bowlers, and play was stopped by an on-ice official. After leading in a 12-run first innings, Punjab were 18 for 4 in the second tower.

“I’ve never seen a ticket gate like that in a lunge. The jump was so unpredictable and the pitch was very unsafe. We were told the match would be on a new pitch,” said Punjab slugger Abhishek. Sharma told PTI.

“The referee and the referees have made the right decision to call off today’s match and start over tomorrow. The players put a lot of effort into preparing for this match and were very disappointed to see wickets like this.” The decision was made during the drink break of the second session, when referees K Madanagopal and Rajeev Godara discussed the matter with referee Yuraji Singh. We also spoke with both the captains of Mandeep Singh of Punjab and Khan Sharma of Railways. With the Group D elite games shortened to two days, the odds of a result are very slim and could hurt the Railways’ and Punjab’s chances in the tournament.

Punjab’s first match ended in a draw after bad light prematurely ended the fight against Chandigarh while Railways were defeated by Vidarbha by 194 runs.

In the past, the Karnail Singh stadium track was in the news for all the wrong reasons, in 2011 he was put on the BCCI technical committee watch list for bad pitches.

A year later, the venue was banned from holding matches for two years after a commission found that local trustees had deliberately neglected to prepare the turnstiles to help the railroad, and the team moved to Bhubaneswar. was forced to move to

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