Cricket match report: Ranji highlights: Andhra, Jharkhand sneaks into the quarters

Elite Group A

Quarterfinal qualification:
Bengal and Uttarakhand

Despite his seven-wicket loss to Orissa, Bengal finished Group A with his 32 points and qualified for the quarter-finals. Bengal started the day with his 220/3 in his second essay, with his Abhimanyu Easwaran in the opener scoring his triple figures. However, a meltdown ensued as he was knocked out for 276 and lost his last seven wickets for just 47 runs, with 24-year-old right-hander Sunil Roul scoring his six for his 96. Orissa needed 112 to win and trailed by 22.2 overs for losing 3 wickets.

Uttarakhand scored three points thanks to their initial lead against Haryana after the match ended in a draw. They finished 2nd in the group with 29 points and advanced to the quarterfinals. Only 53 overs were bowled on the first day and the second was not played. Avneesh Sudha’s six-wicket move kept Haryana at 233 on his third day, with Uttarakhand in the stumps taking him to 125/1. They finished the game with 269 and led a crucial first inning on the fourth day. Haryana then claimed his 42.5 overs and declared at 168/7 to Uttarakhand that he would give him 133 targets. After Aditya Tare’s team reached 61/5, the players shook hands to draw.

Elite Group B

Quarterfinal qualification:
Saurastra and Andorra

With Maharashtra and Mumbai drawn, Andorra advanced to the quarter-finals as Group B runners-up. Three teams finished Group B with 26 points each, with Saurashtra topping the table thanks to his two wins with his bonus points. His 1-his bonus-point win against Andorra’s Assam helped defeat Maharashtra. Maharashtra also finished with his 26 points, but failed to score any extra points with three wins.

Despite losing to Tamil Nadu in their final group match, Saurashtra finished as group winners. Harvik Desais needed 266 tons for the win and kept on chasing Saurashtra despite the side dropping to 158/6. However, the lack of support from the lower tier stumbled and Desai was eliminated in the end as Saurashtra folded on his 206. The 24-year-old left-arm spinner Ajith Ram finished 54-for-6 with nine wickets.

Maharashtra and Mumbai tied the first innings with his 384, the former finishing second with his 252, Azimukhazi (75) top scorer and Shams his Murani allowing his four wickets. . He needed a 253 to win in 28 overs, so Mumbai went for it, with Divyaansh Saxena hitting his 62 off his 48 balls. Meanwhile, Maharashtra also picked up the usual wicket for their interest, in the end the game ended in a draw as Mumbai finished 195/6 with 27.3 overs.

Elite Group C

Quarterfinal qualification:
Karnataka and Jharkhand

Karnataka finished Group C top of his 35 points after his nine-wicket victory over Jharkhand on Thursday. That’s more than any team in the elite group. Jharkhand, on the other hand, had some good results and finished second in his group.

The match between Kerala and Puducherry ended in a draw, with Kerala missing out on the quarter-finals as he finished third in Group C with 21 points. After conceding a first innings lead against Puducherry, Kerala had to hit their opponent cheaply in the second to have any chance of winning the game. However, on Day 4 he started 34/1 and his Puducherry finished with his 279/5. Jay Pande posted an unbeaten 102, Krishna Pandey scored 94 and Pallas Dogra defeated Patient with 55 to disappoint Kerala.

Rackett’s disappointing performance on serve also meant Rajasthan missed out on a quarter-final place as they finished on 20 points after suffering a heavy loss in their last group game. Rajasthan needed 319 to win and he was eliminated for 135 as he lost by 183 runs. Poonam He finished the match in a draw of 10 wickets with Poonam he Pounia and Pulkit He Narang each in two innings he took five wickets.

His eight-wicket win for Chhattisgarh over Goa meant that Gore also missed out on a quarter-final place after having chances when they started the competitive game with 18 points. Called to continue, Gore was rolled out for 223 and left Chhattisgarh with 52 goals. This he achieved in 5.5 overs for losing two wickets. Elite Group D

Quarterfinal qualification:
Madhya Pradesh and Punjab

Despite a draw with Tripura that saw them fall behind in the first innings criterium, Madhya Pradesh finished top of the table with 33 points from Group D.

Only 86 overs were played in the four days at Mohali as the match between Vidarbha and Punjab ended in a draw. Atharva Taide’s 112 knots out and Akshay Wadkar’s 71 were the highlights of the innings, with Vidarbha finishing with his 273/6, with both teams each scoring a point. Punjab finished his second in Group D with 27 points, while Vidhabha remained in his fourth place with his 20 points.

Other results

Harshit Rana said in the second innings he picked up a 7-wicket pull and starred in Delhi’s 9-wicket victory over Hyderabad, thus making him 10 wickets in the match. After a disappointing start, Delhi ended the rune season on a winning streak, finishing 6th in Group B.

Himachal Pradesh and Uttar His Pradesh match ended in a draw, so in his four days at Nadaung he was allowed only 26 overs. Himachal finished third in Group A with 21 points, while Uttar Pradesh finished sixth with 13 points.

In Chandigarh he failed to play for three days in a row before the match between the hosts and Jammu and Kashmir ended in a draw, only for him to bowl six overs. Chandigarh finished last with 7 points, while Jammu and Kashmir had 8 points and he finished 7th. descent

Hyderabad will be relegated to the plate his group in the next edition of Ranji with just one point after a disappointing season that included six straight losses. Nagaland (2) is another team in this year’s elite group and will join the plate group next season.

plate finale

Manipur showed much fighting on day three after starting his 194/6 with a huge deficit. However, they finished with his 337, despite Pheiroijam Jotin’s 68 giving Bihar a 209-run lead. Nawaz Khan was the bowler’s choice and finished 5-82. Sachin Kumar’s unbeaten 84 helped them to finish the day with a lead of 156/6 and 365, despite Bihar dropping fast wickets in their second innings. These two teams will replace elite group Hyderabad and Nagaland in Ranji’s trophy next season.

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