Cricket match report today: Ranji Trophy 2022-23: Sachin Baby puts Kerala at the helm in exchange for a third day of service.

Sachin Baby appears this season as Mr. Jeeves from Kerala. Looking for a fast run to force an explanation, Kerala found the ideal man in Baby on day three of the Ranji Trophy game at KCA-St. Xavier’s College Grounds on Thursday.

From the end he was stumps on the second day, serving 20 without a loss, with openers Sufiyan Alam (11) and G.S. Rohilla (9) negotiating his 7 overs without issue. bottom. Although in a separate role from the first inning, Baby played the enforcer role in Panache, giving the hosts a chance to force a win on the final day on Friday.

After taking time to find his groove, Baby changed gears and treated the bowlers with contempt. A century was within his reach, but he knocked him off his feet when he scored another big hit against his medium-paced Diwesh Pathania.

It was Kerala’s makeshift opening his pair P. Rahul and Vatsar Govind who got the ball rolling in his partnership with the first wicket of 56 before Baby stole the show. Vathsal (48th) was well placed as an attacker, off-spinner M.S. Rathee cleared both openers, and Rohan Prem (16th) died on a deep catch.

Salman Nizar joined his Baby and the fourth pair wisely chose their attacking moments and in the short time he added 91 runs. After Salman (40) was taken down by Arpit Guleria, Akshay Chandran (20 not knocked out) delivered a powerful punch to hold up the inning.

The service, which had previously resumed at 6-167, added 62 to Parkit Narang (36) overnight, while M.S. Rashi (20) led M.S. Nidheesh broke through and beat the latter’s Rahul 20 times.

Pulkit then added his 31 runs for his ninth wicket on his P.S.


Kerala: 327, 247/7 dec; Services: 229, 20/0

Services first innings:

S. G. Rohilla lbw Jalaj 31, Sufiyan Aslam lbw Vaisakh 10, Ravi Chauhan batting, Rahul SIngh lbw Vaisakh 19, Ravi Chauhan lbw Sijomon 50, Rahul Singh lbw Vaisakh 19, Rajat Paliwal c Rahul b Nidheesh 11, L. S. Kumar b Jalaj 12, Pulkit Narang c Baby b Sijomon 36, M.S. Rathee c Rahul b Nidheesh 20, Diwesh Pathania c Sachin b Jalaj 8, P.S.Poonia b Sijomon 11, Arpit Guleira not out 0

Fall of wickets: 1-48, 2-56, 3-79, 4-97, 5-131, 6-159, 7-188, 8-197, 9-228

Kerala bowling: Thampi 13-1-66-0, Nidheesh 10-0-41-2, Vaisakh 14-5-30-2, Jalaj 25-2-66-3, Sijomon 6-1-15-3.

Kerala 2nd innings

P.Rahul b Rathee 14, Vathsal Govind b Rathee.48, Rohan Prem c Alam b Narang 16, Sachin Baby b Pathania 93, Salman Nizar c Paliwal b Arpit 40, M.D. Nidheesh c Ravi Chauhan b P.S.Poonia 8, Akshay Chandran not out 20, Sijomon Joseph c Rathee b Pathania 0, Jalaj Saxena not out 2

Fall of wickets: 1-56, 2-71, 3-93, 4-184, 5-195, 6-238, 7-238

Services bowling: Pathania 6-1-13-2, Poonia 7-0-34-1, Arpit 8-0-58-1, Rathee 20-0-69-2, Narang 18-3-60-1, Rohilla 1-0-7-0.

Services-2nd innings

S.G. Rohilla batting 9, Sufiyan Alam batting 11

Kerala bowling: Thampi 3-0-8-0, Vaisakh 3-0-7-0, Jalaj 1-0-5-0.

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