Cricket match report today: Women’s U-19 T20 World Cup: Shafali, Sehrawat’s Blitzkrieg help India crush UAE

Skipper Shafari Verma posted an impressive 78 and opener Shweta Sehrawat shone with an unbeaten 74 as India edged the UAE by 122 runs.

Shafari (34 balls to 78 balls) was at his devastating best, before Richa Ghosh hit a 49 of 29 balls to help India before an equally aggressive Jarawat (49 balls to 74 not ) for an impressive 219 balls for the trio at Willowmoor Park. .

The Indian bowler then limited his UAE to his 5-for-97 and the result showed him a rift between the two sides.

The victory cemented India’s top spot in Group D.

Shafari already over 70 caps in the senior side, including his T20I of 51, and Sefrawat, who was invited to bat, sewed his 111-run stand to the first wicket. Sehrawat made his intentions clear from the first over, playing two points before hitting three boundaries and looting for 12 runs.

Shafari followed in the next over and she also hit three fours. The 18-year-old scored the first maximum of India’s innings with five overs.

Shafari was a partnership aggressor when he toyed with the opposition and pushed the boundaries at will. She has put up 50 with her 4 in style. The UAE bowlers looked clueless as Shafari sent the ball over the fence 12 times and over four in a hard-fought 34-ball innings. After hitting three sixes and her 4/5 ball, Shafali’s blazing shot ended when she was caught long off.

Her Sehrawat, who in the previous match she had not lost by 92, completely played the role of a spoiler. He had grown 200 years in a row and seemed to have settled down completely.

Missing fields and lower catches only exacerbated his UAE problems, as Richa, who was promoted to third place, was given a maximum of four reprieves. Chasing over 200 goals, the UAE starting lineup faced a challenge as Theertha Satish found the line four times in the first over.

However, the charge was short-lived as Shabnam MD sacked on his fifth ball. Teammate Lavanya Kenya posted a painstakingly slow 54-ball 24, but the UAE didn’t look like they were in contention.

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