Cricket match report yesterday: RanjiTrophy: Akash Deep, Ishan Porel and Mukesh Kumar put Bengal on the brink of a big win over Haryana

The Bengali pacesetter once again blasts through Haryana’s bat during Thursday’s Ranji Trophy Elite Group ‘A’ match at Chaudhary Bansi Lal Cricket Stadium in Lahli, keeping visitors in sight of victory Because it was put in, it continued to perform splendidly.

With an impressive 256-run lead after finishing Haryana’s first innings for 163, Bengal urged the hosts to continue play early in his third day.

Haryana got off to a promising start and looked poised for big results before the Bengal pacesetters found their rhythm and cut the former down to 177 for 7 by the end of the third day. rice field.

Bengal still have a 79-run lead, leaving Haryana on the bottom to fend for themselves. Led by Akash Deep (37-3), Ishan Porel (36-2) and Mukesh Kumar (53-2), the Bengal Pacers broke Haryana’s batting order and extended the team to just three wickets from their famous away victory . After being asked to continue, Haryana starters Yuvraj Singh (78) and Chaitanya Bishnoi (55) gave their team a great start. They posted an opening score of 129. However, the Bengal pacesetters were rewarded for their disciplined approach when Porel edged off Bishnoi in the 50th round.

This caused a virtual wicket landslide as the Bengal bowler took his 7 wickets for just 48 runs. Sumit Kumar (8) and Amit Rana (0) went undefeated as low light forced them to retire early. Only 69 overs were played that day.

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