Cricketzine prediction: Book review: Unpublished Report on Sultan Wasim Akram’s Extraordinary Career

Akram’s dominating presence made Pakistan one of the most feared teams in the world during the 1980s and 1990s. The Sultan offers a glimpse into that era, a rare glimpse into the volatile and fragmented world of Pakistani cricket.

The 304 page book is insightful. Arguably one of the most famous cricketers of his time, Akram has admitted to becoming addicted to cocaine after retiring from international cricket. I like to treat myself I loved to party South Asian fame culture is all consuming, glamorous and corrupt. You can attend 10 parties at night. It took a toll on me. I became addicted to cocaine. “

The bowler’s vulnerability with more than 900 international wickets is exposed in a mix of candor and brutal honesty and is professionally followed by wordsmith Gideon Haigh. He leaves a poignant facet of his personal life as he writes about his grief at losing Huma to illness and finding love again with Shaniera Thompson. Influence of Imran Khan

Akram, a key member of his 1992 World Cup-winning team in Pakistan, also elaborated on the impact of all-rounder Imran Khan on his career. “I was his project,” he writes Akram. “He made me emphasize the pivot when hitting the crease, which really broke my shoulder. He refined my approach. He worked on my variations. Taught me to throw the ball till I die.

“Imran explained that polishing was still important (in terms of the backswing), but it was important to keep the unpolished side as dry and rough as possible. “Imran taught me how to set up the ball, how to twist my wrist, how to camouflage my hands, how to best deliver the ball. Fast and full.”

Some of these prized nuggets offer a glimpse of how to make a spirited competitor, batting his master Sachin his Tendulkar, who brought perfect control over seams and swings.
“Wasim was a master. He made the ball talk.” This quote is on the cover of the book.

Akram spans many aspects of the game, including the rivalry between India and Pakistan and the scourge of alleged match-fixing that has ravaged the sport.

He also served as his M.A. in 1998-99. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. Fans famously stood up and applauded when the visiting team triumphed on the floor.

All in all, Sultan gives readers a fascinating glimpse into his one of the most extraordinary careers the gentleman gaming world has ever seen.

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