Cricketzine prediction: “Doctor, why should I listen to you? You say something and then leave”: Sridhar’s first interaction with the Indian star

R Sridhar was India’s field coach from 2014 to 2021. During this period the team was considered one of the best fielding his squad in the world.

At the time when R Sridhar was the team’s field coach, India was known as one of the best field teams in the world. The former Hyderabad spinner took over as his coach on the Indian field in 2014, with Duncan working under Fletcher, Anil Kumble and Ravi Shastri before retiring in 2021 with the T20 World Championship.

He worked as a coach in his U-19 side in India as an assistant in the Indian Premier League where he worked as a field coach and head of national cricket for the club Kings XI Punjab where he worked as a coach. rice field. Sridhar talks about the changes he has made to his coaching methods and the role his senior spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has played in bringing about these changes. “Ashwin, I was impressed with one of the first conversations of my first week with the national team,” Sridhar said in his autobiography, Coaching Beyond – My Days with the Indian Cricket Team.

“Unconfronted, he asked me: ‘If you don’t mind, Mr. Sridhar, why should I listen to you and follow the field exercises you suggested? Why? Do I have to do what you ask of me?We had Trevor Penney as our defensive coach from 2011 to 2014. Now that you’ve come in, you’ll be there. Let’s say 2-3 years. you will say something you walk on the road Then a new field coach arrives. To be honest, the next three years have a lot on my plate. I’m pretty sure what you say works. It should help my game.

Sridhar says during the conversation he realized he needed to change the way he worked when working with the Indian team. “At the time, we knew each other very well, so I knew right away where he was coming from. His question makes me think:
How long should I coach? What exactly is coaching? ’ he says.

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