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DRS is only available in the final stages of BPL

The BPL champion, head of Comilla Victorians, said his coach, Mohammad Salahuddin, regretted the fact that DRS was not available for the entire edition. The BPL Board has confirmed that his DRS will only be available in the Eliminators and Finals this time around.

“It’s a very big tournament, so obviously without DRS I feel bad. If I make the wrong decision, I could lose the tournament,” said Salahuddin. “I think you (the board) have a lot of money, so there should have been a DRS (from the beginning) in this kind of tournament, because there is no shortage of money.”

BPL GC member secretary Ismail Haider Mallick explained why in the early stages he was short of DRS. “As games fly all over the world, there is basically no Hawk Eye. There are two companies, Hawk Eye and Virtual Eye, but Virtual Eye typically operates in New Zealand and Australia. Hawk Eye I’m in a bilateral series, so I’m planning on going to the Eliminator and the Finals. Sure, this is a prestige issue (not being able to use full DRS), but this year we have two new T20 tournaments, One in Dubai and one in Dubai where the Indian IPL holders are attending and obviously more money is raised there so the Dubai and South African leagues I do not think.”

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