Cricketzine prediction: SA20 – A ray of light in the dark South Africa

Pele describes how a surge of unwelcome feelings hit him on the bus that took the Brazilian national team to Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca to face Italy in the 1970 World Cup final. I often talked about At 29, he was the oldest member of the team to try to win the sport’s most important match for the third time. The last thing he had to show his teammates were tears.

So he pretended to drop something. While his head searched under the seat for what he thought he had lost, Pele quietly spat it all out. When he came into view again, he showed the same glowing face that loved the world.

Graham Smith has never been on the bus to a World Cup final, but he knows how Pele feels. “We have an amazing team working day and night to get us to where we are today,” Smith said at a press conference in Cape Town on Saturday. It gets emotional.”

Smith threw the pen under the table, unable to bend over and let out a quick scream of release. There was no room for that. He sat shoulder-to-shoulder with Rashid Khan, with Faf du Plessis and Quinton de Kok to his right. Smith’s left wing was Wayne Parnell, David Miller and Aiden Markram.

The bright gear the players wore provided a smart contrast to Smith’s dark shirts and jackets, while looking familiar and fresh at the same time.These six cricketers of his Leading the team in his SA20 which starts at Newlands on Tuesday. All franchises are owned by his IPL and are reflected in gaming equipment. The company’s success depends on League Commissioner Smith. Perhaps innocently labeling the tournament as a “cricket product” helped him, and I sensed his feelings for making it this far.

It couldn’t have been easier. At the organizational level, the efficiency and work ethic of Indian ways will run headlong into South Africa’s sluggish inertia. South Africans will be amazed at the severity of the Indians. It’s not hard to find stories about IPL outfits that make drastic and unreasonable demands and don’t say what, when, where, or why they want to happen.

Some local organizers say they feel the only question they can ask is how far back they have to bend to please the new master, albeit temporarily. , readily agrees when asked if they feel colonized. This means that some of South Africa’s top sports snappers, who have captured match images for national publications for decades, will be banned from working at tournaments for their regular employers. Become. Not uncommon for an IPL, but not the South African way. Perhaps that’s just part of the trade-off of what Indian know-how means for cricket here.

“The experience we’re bringing to our game right now is amazing,” said Smith. “The professionalism, as well as the interaction with players, comes from one of the most experienced franchises in the world. They bring tremendous credibility on and off the field in coaching, medicine and training. The professionalism, the way they run their team, it’s all coming to South African cricket right now, it’s a great day.

From April 2012 he will play 100 games for the Chennai Super Kings until October 2021, leading the Joburg Super Kings.
“In terms of following people’s cricket brains quickly, there is no better opportunity for a young South African to go head-to-head with the likes of [Joburg Super Kings coach] Stephen Fleming and Eric Simons. they are the best in the game. I’ve seen first hand how good they are as a management team and how good the franchise is. I am happy to play for such a team. I feel like I can go out there and do my best. ”

Du Plessis should know he is talking about 265 of his T20s played in 17 non-international teams in 7 countries. He has 18 clients and in 7 countries he has participated in 295 such games as does Miller. How can South Africa succeed in its attempt to join the T20 circus?

“The weather in South Africa is always nice and the time of day is great,” said Miller. “Overseas players love to come here because the pounds and dollars are cheap. , I want to be a part of it.”

The Saturday Presser was intended as a celebration, and was celebrated as such. When Miller was questioned after Parnell, the left-arm bowler teasingly refused to pass the microphone to Miller. Youthful? yes. Out of place? Six wickets down in number South Africa and a drift of 326, they entered the final day of a losing series before reaching Sydney. This disastrously followed his T20 World Championship and a shock defeat in the Test series in Great Britain. Known for being fashionable, Du Plessis was asked what it would be like to wear the biggest shirt he’d ever worn on his athletic torso. That’s my size,” he replied with a graceful smile.

Rashid left his Big Bash League early and landed at the talent table. He explained, “I came straight from there. It took me 30 minutes to get changed in my room.” MumbaiIndiansAs captain of Cape Town and local rugby UnionWhen asked how he intended to please the crowds accustomed to the performances of his team, the Stormers, he said Looked perplexed. “Who are the Stormers,” he sculpted. Du Plessis replied, dancing a prank with his eyes:

A bottle of water and a small bag of jelly beans were placed on the table in front of each of the seven seats. All seven left candy. All the gummy bears in the bag that De Kok was sitting in were crushed like unwanted cakes at a wedding.

A rare percentage given SA20 is expected to post a profit of about $16.2 million in its first year, CSA reported a loss of $11.65 million in November, and South Africa are in the field. It’s confusing why tournaments are welcomed into poor families like rich brides. But, as du Plessis said, there were other ingredients to making this a good marriage:
“As a South African, we need this competition for the game to grow. Adding a world-class player like Rashid Khan would definitely give the game an edge. Our entire professional system learns a lot about what needs to be done to raise our standards. Local players will benefit a lot from this.

“From a fan’s point of view, cricket is a very popular game in this country. But it’s about getting people to watch the game again. People may feel that these are dark times, but we know that sports can change rapidly. I hope this tournament will make people more optimistic about the future of South African cricket. “

The trophy maker got a proper laugh when Thomas Lyte explained in the video that his beautiful SA20 shining on a pedestal at the side of the room the inside of his trophy is made of “gold-plated gold.” rice field. You can drink from there. “

Another scene in the video showed Smith dressed in white at The Rose on August 20, 2012. He hoisted another trophy – a jeweled lollipop that served as the ICC test club newly annexed from England by the South Africans. I have no doubt it went down. SA20 won’t bring South Africa back to No. 1 in the rankings, but it could help supporters feel better about how depressed the team has been since then. Or at least let me think of something else. Otherwise, they could always pretend to drop something and shed invisible tears.

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