Cricketzine prediction: Shakib expresses frustration at declining BPL standards

Bangladesh’s leading all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan lamented tournament organizers’ failure to make the Bangladesh Premier League one of the best T20 competitions in the world. Two days before his ninth edition, Shakib hinted that not enough effort had been made to make the BPL one of the most successful leagues he’s ever had.

“I don’t know anything about the level of the BPL,” Shakib told reporters as attention turned to the level of the tournament, which has lost its appeal over the years. It’s hard to say if you didn’t want to do it, if you want to do it, there’s no reason not to do it in Bangladesh. I don’t think I ever wanted to be honest.

“There is no market [for BPL] because we couldn’t create a market because if we could add value, the market would have been really big. People who don’t play cricket. There are no secluded places, and even if you go to a secluded place, you still play cricket with a bat and a ball, so it’s not unpopular. So it’s hard to believe that in a country of 16 to 20 million people, sports would not have such a popular market. From a marketing perspective, this is a big mistake. Because we couldn’t create such a market (IPL),” he said.

Shakib added to the BPL that he was unaware that there was no DRS, and that the country’s traditional club-based 50-over tournament he said the DPL was more organized than the BPL. explained.

“I don’t know why [no DRS], but maybe there’s a budget crisis. Three months ago he doesn’t know why there’s no DRS, no drafts, no auctions. Players now come and go in a day or two. No one knows who will come and go when. Players did not get costumes. I saw these in your message. The situation is very bad. I think Dhaka Premier League (DPL) is better than this one (BPL) because at least they have time to prepare the team. They know what’s going on in the team and can prepare accordingly. You can see who’s playing for which team by looking at the DPL next year. We don’t understand anything about his BPL. It starts after the game.

Shakib also expressed frustration that the lack of interest at the global level does not give local players the recognition they deserve, even if they perform well in tournaments. “No (BPL cast members are not counted worldwide), we see it airing in many countries, but I believe not many countries have seen it (BPL). Because there is

“For players who have never played for the national team, let them ignore the IPL or CPL if they do well in the Big Bash or PSL. It’s not tracked, it’s not set parameters, the players that perform here are of high quality and it’s a competitive tournament that no one thinks it is, and it’s a shame.We’re still at this stage Yes, I am very sorry.

Shakib added that if he were appointed CEO of the tournament, everything would be in order within two months. It won’t take 1-2 months, maybe 2 months at most, but I don’t even need that, 2 months is a long time.

“Have you seen the movie Nayak (Bollywood movie)? A lot can be done in one day. I start everything from scratch. We have new designs and auctions. BPL is held in spare time and offers the latest technology. There will be great coverage of home and away games. “

However, Sheikh Sohel, chairman of the BPL board, expressed displeasure with Shakib’s remarks. “As a contract player, he cannot make such statements,” he told Criccbuzz. “We have BPL’s board of directors evaluating this, and he made such a statement, so let’s hear directly [from him]. We’ll respond later.”

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