Cricketzine prediction: With the under-19 title in hand, Shafali has his sights set on South Africa’s doubles

At the end of yet another World Cup final, Shafari Verma remained teary-eyed. As the first-ever captain of her ICC U19 Women’s T20 World Cup winner, Potchefstroom’s tears were hilarious as Shafari lifted the trophy. She is already an established international cricket star She Shafali (alongside Richa Ghosh) is eligible to play at the under-19 level She is one of two Indian players was. After leading her new team to her ICC title, the 19-year-old has already turned her attention to her T20 World Championships at her A-level next month.

Asked if she only wanted to take away the Under-19s trophy from South Africa, Shafari replied: “No, big ones too.” “I am a person who concentrates on the task at hand. When I came to the U19s my only focus was to win the U19 Cup. Today we won it. I will work hard to win the World Cup.” Forget about it, I will enter the senior set-up and work with my team to win the World Cup.

Shafali has experience playing at the highest level in the World Cup, having played in India’s campaigns in both the T20 format (Australia 2020) and his ODI format (New Zealand 2022). In one of her memorable footage of her T20 World Cup final at the MCG, a record 86,174 participants were seen in the women’s match. Shafari, who was 17 at the time, broke down in tears when India fell well behind Australia and she finished second. It’s a memory that I hope to fix in South Africa this time.

“Melbourne was a very emotional day for me in the last game. We didn’t win the game,” Shafari recalled. I have to win.’ I say to all the girls, ‘We have to win this trophy. We are here for the trophy.’

“We lost the World Cup and it was tears of sadness. Today was tears of joy because we achieved what we came here for. I tried to control it but it didn’t happen. I did. I consider this a great achievement and would like to learn a little more from it. ”

Shafari didn’t exactly set the U19 World Championship on fire with batting power, but she still finished the tournament as the third best run-getter with a total of 172 runs, her league leader and opening partner with 297 runs. “I will try to score more runs for India.” But we can’t be satisfied with this trophy.This is just the beginning.

Their U19-level coach Nooshin Al Khadeer said a World Cup win would be more than just a Shafali show, spinner he said match winners were scattered everywhere, including in the bowling division with Parshavi Chopra (12 wickets) and Mannat Kashyap. I was especially pleased that they were there. (9 wickets) was one of the tournament’s leading wicket takers. “What’s special about [the group] is the conviction,” he said, adding: “We had a bad game against Australia, but the way they came together and the way they played afterwards was because of the mood we have. We made it very simple, we thought we could achieve it by just playing proper cricket and simple cricket.

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