Exact cricbuzz prediction: “As soon as I hit 6 out of 7 balls…”: Shubman Gill’s golden ‘Yuvraj Singh’ remark after his record-breaking 208 vs NZ

When Shubman Gill played 6, 6, 6 on the first three balls of 48 overs to score a double and hit another ball in the ninth max innings, his shot almost hinted at Yuvraj Singh. was.

It’s no secret that Yuvraj Singh played a huge role in Shubman Gill’s development.Four years ago, when Gill made his India debut against New Zealand in 2019, Yuvraj urged everyone to watch out for the young prodigy. Gill was starting to look more and more impressive.Today, Gill broke his first ODI two centuries at the inaugural ODI held in Hyderabad on Wednesday. Yuvraj’s prediction couldn’t be more accurate as only the fifth Indian batsman became a milestone as he plundered a record-breaking 208 against New Zealand.

By the end of 47 overs, Gill had reached 169 and India’s total was 303/7 for him. With three overs to go, Gill unleashed himself in New Zealand bowling, starting six sixes with 12 deliveries. And when Gill hit his three balls in the first of his 48 overs he played 6, 6, 6 resulting in a double and hit another ball in the ninth maximum innings, to his batting. almost had a hint of Yuvraj.

“When I was in England, I hit 6s of 6s on 7 balls. It was also the message from the dressing room: If I was out, it would have been difficult for the lower team to push the limits, so I had to play it safe somehow.” he said at the post-match press conference. “First, I decided to play the last five overs as hard as I could. But when Washy folded in the 44th, the message was to score in the last three overs. When I hit it, I think I decided to go hard.I thought I was the bowler for my game.”

Gil barely lit up Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Uppar.
“200 wins in one day! Incredible at such a young age!! Such a proud day for me and Shubman’s dad!!! Congratulations @ShubmanGill. The whole country is proud of you #NZvsIND”. Gil was asked about the million-dollar tweet from Yuvraj, 23, and said he was happy to make his idol proud.

“Like a brother, yuvi Purge was a mentor to me. He worked with him on my batting during and after lockdown. Ever since I started playing cricket, my father has been my master. It was a coach. Being proud of yuvi Purge is definitely a special feeling for me. ”

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