Exact cricbuzz prediction: “It doesn’t help to make silly comments…”: Sarfaraz Khan has been blown up for comments “against his choice of India”.

Former Mumbai captain Milind Rege believes Sarfaraz Khan’s job should be to run and perform rather than express disappointment in public. has received a lot of attention recently for several reasons. He failed to score some points for Mumbai in the Ranji Trophy and was not included in his squad for the Indian test. Despite having scored a total of 2,441 runs in Ranji’s last three seasons, the surfers were not in his squad for India’s Red Ball, and recently against Australia in his four Tests in India, his series. Fans and former cricketers alike took notice when his name disappeared from. aggressive to it.

Sarfaraz himself has spoken out many times about his ill-treatment in India. The 25-year-old admitted he was upset that he had not yet received a call-up to India, speaking with BCCI chief selector Chetan Sharma and the promises he made to the Sarfaraz during last year’s Bangladesh tour. clarified. For someone who scored 928 goals in 2019/20, 982 in the following season and another 556 in six games, it was heartbreaking not to win a national cap for India. Instead of voicing your disappointment on public platforms, you should record your runs and carry them out.

“I will continue to play, but it is not helpful to make silly comments. Sarfaraz should not comment on his [Indian] selection. His job is to score runs at noon. That’s it.

Rege understands that Sarfaraz may have been unlucky, but they should be aware of the intense competition between Indian team players. With up to 3-4 players vying for a spot, Rege feels there is still no place for Sarfaraz to fit. An all-rounder with Virat Kohli, Cheteshwar Pujara, wicket-keeper and Ravindra Jadeja who is most likely to represent India’s middle class, Sarfaraz will have to wait for his opportunity.

Sarfaraz was in excellent condition. But [Indian Test team] batting has to have a place in his lineup. Its shape is incomparable and incredible. Wherever there is an opportunity, I think he will take it.

Rege drew parallels with Sarfaraz and his Mumbai batting coach, Amol Muzumdar. A top batsman of his era, his Muzumdar struggled to make the Indian team despite being on fire at home on his circuit. That series of marathon innings by season. However, with Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, VVS Lakshman and Surab Ganguly forming India’s middle pillar, Muzumdar failed to earn a cap for India. After all these years, Muzumdar is still regarded as the fittest cricketer who never played in India.

“If Amol is your coach in Mumbai, why did he need his father [Naushad Khan] to coach him? I read a quote saying, Amol, who has scored over 11,000 first-class runs, is Mumbai’s coach, and Sarfaraz needs to look into Amol’s plight to keep the game going. Amol scored a lot but was never called up because he had no place in the national team,” Rege stressed.

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