Expert cricbuzz prediction: Hard to survive SA20’s daily blur

His team was not doing well when the coach came to the press conference after the game. They protect the player from the press’s sharper questions.
Send the clown who told them to do what they did, even if they did the opposite Appear.

Steven his Fleming is no clown, but the Joburg Super Kings have a policy that if they lose, the Head He spends a lot of time at SA20 press conferences because he has a policy of having his coach on the parade. So it was up to Fleming to explain that Pearl Royals, who won by seven wickets at Borland Park on Friday dismissed his JSK for 81 he was.
“It looked like a good wicket, so that’s our fault. I may have nibbled a bit, but I could have done better. It’s our fault that the game failed. We could have done better for the crowd today.”

So he was again at Newlands on Saturday, limiting the team to his 105/9 he won by seven wickets in Mumbai. Analyzed by place of use.
“Yesterday we were pretty picky about our hitting, but today it was a tough track and we are a little bit more confident. We are a team playing our third away game. It can be exposed quickly. “I wanted to go bowling first and regain a little confidence. .I become more critical of the terms. You’ve won a full house, three games in a row on this stretch. If you want spectacle, give us a chance. “

In Centurion on Wednesday, Pretoria Capitals won by six wickets as they knocked Joe Burgers out for 122. But last Wednesday at Kingsmead, Fleming didn’t need Fleming when Joburg rebounded from 27/4 to 190/6 overall and beat Durban’s super-his Giants by 16 runs. bottom. Or the Wanderers on Tuesday, when the home side defeated Pretoria by almost six runs. If you’re having a hard time keeping up with everything, or if Fleming’s comments about the Newlands pitch made him feel astringent, remember JSK played five games in the first seven days of SA20. . Fleming is also coaching his Kings super team in Chennai, where he made only two appearances in the first week of his IPL last year.

SA20 will cross his halftime mark of 33 games on Saturday, just 11 days after he started the tournament. The schedule is compressed by next Friday and Sunday, and his three World Cup Super League games against South Africa and England in Bloemfontein and Kimberley on 1 February. That leaves SA20 to resume with a final eight round robin game and semi-finals from Tuesday through his February 2nd, before restarting with the finals on February 11th. JSK and MI Cape Town were the only two teams to lose in a row after Wednesday’s game. But only DSG and Pretoria Capitals outright he won two. Can a relentless program send your team into a downward spiral?

“It’s fast forward, but we all appreciate that there are series that need to be played in the middle that are important to CSA.” If you want to keep jumping, your pockets will get tighter, but the more cricket you can play in less time, the better. The longer the operation lasts, the greater the risk of losing fans. Very hard and fast is a good motto. ”

He wasn’t content with the blistering pace of the tournament:
“We have very little time. We have to be goldfish and forget about yesterday. We had a good win in Durban and were exposed in those two [at Borland Park and Newlands] but this is That’s probably the right thing to do, next is to regain confidence, adapt to the situation and convince the players that they are a good team and that we can compete there. “There is no time for pity. Usually in cricket there are times when you regret an innings. In a couple of days you will be back. When you are traveling and playing continuously, there is no time for that. Luxury, luxury and If you can even call it, you have to counter it and move on.

“It was a way of trying to bluff sometimes. The best players in the world never get out of shape, so I try to make players understand that it’s very inconsistent… that a few good days along the way can make a difference. How beautiful it is to have your dressing room become the place where everything changes. But sometimes it seems far away. “

Simon Katich said he lost four wickets to the same opponents at St George’s Park on Monday before losing to MI Cape Town side Sunrisers on Wednesday at Newlands. After stumbling by two wickets, we agreed.
“It’s hard when you lose back to back. You just have to deal with it better and it hasn’t been the case in the last few games. Missed the point. “There was a little cat down there. Pearl Royals] If you stick to things in that form of the game too long, it will affect the next game. So let’s lay these two down knowing they’ve been fully dubbed and try to fix the relevant areas of the game, only a 20% discount, but it’s going to cost more. “

Speaking on Saturday, Fleming sympathized with South Africa’s SA20 bathing cricket big picture in a brighter light after years of dark days caused by a sloppy government.
“Our challenge is to play enough to get a full Wanderers, which is something special. Part of my story talking to these players is that we It’s about how we can do that. A performance like today won’t do us any good, but I hope this tournament will be a way to spice up the game.”

Three days after he said so, Fleming’s team kept the tension in front of an ecstatic Wanderers crowd of about 23,000 to claim a narrow victory over the Capitals.

It is unpredictable how many more negative results Fleming and Katich will have to try to understand before SA20 ends. But Six and Wicket’s daily blur will come to an end sooner or later. It’s a small mercy when your team loses, but it’s something.

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