Expert cricbuzz prediction: “I didn’t get Sehwag’s freedom. With this kind of support…” India opener’s splendid claims dismissed

The discarded Indian opener has clarified Virender Sehwag’s situation and said his career could have been different had he had support like Viru’s.

Next to the legendary Sunil Gavaskar, the best test in the world.If there is an Indian hitter who ranks among the openers, it has to be Virender Sehwag. For someone who was seen as a one-day success, Sehwag broke all the barriers of conventional hitting, so in testing he achieved a superior hitting record compared to ODI and his T20I. Sehwag was not known for his leg movements, but who cares when he achieves 10,000 runs he 2 he 300 runs and he 6 he 200 runs?

Since Sehwag’s retirement, India has tried several opening his options – from Sikar Dhawan to KL Rahul for him and now Rohit to Sharma for him… but no one has repeated this level of success yet. plug. Indeed, after the opening pair of Sehwag-Gautam Gambhir, India is still looking for an impressive and fund-raising opening duo in Tests. The couple that became intimate was that of Shikar Dhawan and Murali Vijay. Between 2013 and his 2018, Vijay and Dhawan scored his 1500+ runs together in the Test, adding to his double century and his five-and-a-half-century partnership with a best of 289. Did. However, in 2018, both India Test careers ended, but between the two, Vijay was lucky enough to open up in Sehwag. Vijay, 38, who has no plans to return to India, has revealed what his battle with Sehwag was like and his career could have been different with support like Viru’s. said.

“To be honest, I was not consciously freed from Virender Sehwag. Whatever Sehwag got in his life, I didn’t get it. With that kind of support and open conversation, I could have challenged myself. Honestly, it’s about supporting the team and how you can contribute to the team on an international level.It’s a high-level competition and you don’t have a lot of opportunities to experiment in different ways,” Vijay said Wednesday. Sportsstar’s he told WV Raman.

“There has to be consistency, so everything has to be packaged and adapted to the needs of the team. When Sehwag was there I felt like I was in control of my instincts and it was difficult to play, but to see him experience that kind of freedom was something wonderful. .”

Still, Vijay admits that he was very impressed with Sehwag and his method of striking. Not many saw Sehwag’s ability to damage enemies from the other side like his first partner. And if anyone other than Sachin Tendulkar and Gambhir saw his Sehwag carnage, it was Vijay with the highest seat in the house.

“He was the only one who could do it. In my opinion, no one else could play like Sehwag.” What he did in Indian cricket was amazing. No…he’s something different from what I’ve seen visually. I had the privilege of interacting with him. It was so easy. He kept his mantra very simple – look at the ball, hit it. he was in that mode. Sing for bowlers at 145-150 km/h. you experience something different. It’s not normal,” said Vijay.

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