Free cricbuzz prediction: Ashwin believes India can adapt to domestic conditions and is urging the ICC for a dewless ODI World Cup.

Rashwin believes India has the quality to adapt to the domestic situation during ODI World later this year.

The cricket showpiece this year is scheduled for October to November, a time when the dew is a major factor heading into the evening, and for the first time it will be fully staged at various venues in India.

“It makes no sense to move in one direction and clash with the conditions, because the conditions cannot be questioned. I am,” Ashwin said on his YouTube channel. “But if you can’t control these dew conditions, limit sizes, things coming and going here and there at any given time, that’s the only thing I think India needs to look out for in this World Cup. In terms, it falls a little short given the number of venues playing these games.

“If they have the right conditions to play cricket with skill, this is a very difficult team to beat. The ICC is considering hosting the Dewless ODI World Championship in 2023. I’m sure we should,” Ashwin said, echoing calls for an early start of 11:30.

Last week Ashwin came up with the idea of ​​an early start and the game he extended by two hours to remove the dew factor. He gave the first example of ODI against Sri Lanka, where India suffers death while defending a massive 374.

Sri Lanka took full advantage of this condition, going 8-206 against India and going 8-306.

Following his logic, Ashwin said the perimeter was shortened by about 10-12 meters to make room for his LED billboards, which have now replaced vinyl sheets.

“Hyderabad has the potential to be a big venue, but not thanks to sponsored LED panels. All other venues in India, especially he cut through old venues that were not built with the T20 era in mind. he said. So Hyderabad’s 70m limit is lowered to 58m depending on the whim and desire of the day.

“India’s natural strength is quality spinners. The quality of the spins does not necessarily have to be degraded. It can be lost depending on how you decide to do it,” Ashwin said.

“I think the game has come a long way since 2011 when Dhoni won the world title in India. More attention was paid to all foreign cricketers, including British, Australian, South African and New Zealander. Everyone came and played IPL and many bilateral series. Their understanding of the situation in India has definitely grown exponentially,” he said, but he said there was no doubt that India would start the World Cup as the clear favorites.

“Yes, I think it’s very likely that India will defend at home in the 2011 World Cup,” he said, pointing to stats that have won 14 of 18 matches in the format since the 2019 World Cup. rice field.

“His ODI record at home for India after the 2019 World Cup is very impressive. India beat all the teams that have visited India in this field namely West Indies, Australia, England, South Africa and Sri Lanka,” Ashwin said.

“This is a record increase of 78-80% in India. All 18 of these ODIs occurred in different locations (14 locations) each time. If you need to compare the same Spree to Australia or the UK , the venues are pretty standard. They play all their friendly matches in 4-5 venues.

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