Free cricbuzz prediction: Cheteshwar Pujara: See how India’s test hitter beats the odds with Ranji’s trophy

It’s not common these days to see Indian testers sweating in a quaint Tier II town ahead of the highly anticipated series.

But for Cheteshwar Pujara, winning Ranji his trophy in the backyard of his home in Rajkot with Saurashtra will be a big step forward in next month’s friendly against Australia, borders, to put his Gavaskar plans into action. seemed like an ideal platform for

Of course, when a player of that stature comes down to spend time in a place where they luxuriated before attracting the white national team, the opposition falls behind.

But this week’s rune Andorra was undaunted when he faced Saurashtra in the sixth round of the trophy. There was an experienced leader in Hanuma Bihari, a hitter often thought to be a clone of Pujara in Test XI. They are expected to have unbeatable consistency at this level, with Pujara’s first-class Indian average of 59.46 after 232 innings.

But when his team chased Andhra for a whopping 415 runs in the first innings, Pujara succumbed to the grand scheme laid out for him by his Vihari and his 19-year-old sailor.

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