ICC cricket prediction: Siraj Becomes ICC World Number One in ODI

Indian pacer Mohammed Siraj became the number one bowler in the ICC ranking of ODI bowlers on Wednesday.

Siraj overtook New Zealand’s Trent Boult and Australia’s Josh Hazlewood to become his top ODI bowler for the first time ever.

Not only has Siraj’s form over the past 12 months been impressive, but his appearances in his ODI series at home against Sri Lanka and New Zealand earlier this month show just how much his right arm has improved in recent times. is showing.

Indian bowling His coach, Parasmanburi, urged Siraj to work on certain aspects of the game last year, and extra practice by the energetic quick paid off.

Siraj said against Sri Lanka he took 9 wickets and in 3 games he became the leading wicket taker in the series and in the opening of the recently ended series against New Zealand he scored a 4 wicket draw. backed it up. This means Siraj has jumped to the top of the ODI bowler rankings, but with 729 Elo points, his lead over Hazlewood is only two Elo points higher than the Australian, albeit slightly.

India captain Rohit Sharma praised Siraj when asked about the rise of pacesetters after the series game against New Zealand.

“He’s done really well. I know what the team expects of him,” said Rohit.

“Come and get a new ball, swing the ball, get a quick wicket, good mid-over skill. “He gets better the more he plays,” Skipper said.

His Indian compatriot Mohammed Shammi said that in his updated list of ODI bowlers he moved up 11 places to 32nd overall, but India’s home against the Kiwis in his series. There have been many moves to the top of the hitters rankings since the end of .

Pakistani skipper Babar Azam still enjoys a healthy lead at the top of the ODI hitters rankings, but a total of three Indian players in the top 10 are vying for top honors.

In-form starter Shubman Gill has made headlines as the right-hander climbs a whopping 20 places to sixth overall after posting his impressive 201 century at home against New Zealand. .

Gill outscores veteran Virat Kohli, slipping to seventh after a quiet run against New Zealand, while Rohit moves up two places to eighth after a fast 100 record with the Kiwis at Indore. .

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