West Indies, the host country for the U19 World Cup in 2022, will play Australia in the first match of the tournament. This is a high-octane contest to begin with, since both teams are unquestionably contenders. Australia is one of the most successful U19 teams in the world, and all of the best cricket betting sites have Australia as the favourite to win.

The West Indies, on the other hand, are not a team to be underestimated, and they will be seeking for an upset or two. Let’s look at both teams in more detail.

West Indies U19 versus Australia U19, U19 World Cup 2022, match prediction and cricket betting tips On the 14th of January 2022, the match will be held at Providence Stadium in Guyana.

West Indies

West Indies had a poor start to the World Cup, losing both of their warm-up matches. One was to India, which was a pre-tournament favourite, and the other to South Africa. Nonetheless, there are a few names on the roster that have been mentioned as players to keep an eye on.

Johann Layne will be the first player that everyone will be watching. In most matches, he will likely take the new ball for the West Indies, and he is a versatile batsman who can play multiple spots in the lineup. He is regarded as the attack’s leader and will have a significant impact on the team’s performance in this competition.

Other players who will be in the spotlight include Matthew Nandu and Jordan Johnson, who will likely take leading roles in the batting lineup. Ackeen Auguste and Rivaldo Clarke are two guys to keep an eye on in the lineup if you’re looking for some major six-hitting power.

The challenge for the West Indies will be to acclimate to the high level of competition that Australia will definitely bring to this encounter.


Australia was undoubtedly one of the teams expected to compete for the title at the U19 World Cup 2022. They are captained by Cooper Connolly, who is expected to be one of the team’s future senior batsmen, and the squad’s depth appears to be fairly good. However, their build-up to the major event has been less than ideal.

The only match Australia played was against India, and the other was called off due to rain. Cooper Connolly scored 117 points in one match, but no one else scored more than 50. This is something Australia will have to be wary about. Corey Miller and Aiden Cahill, for example, have the ability to step up and will be players to keep an eye on.

The fact that Australia only managed to take one wicket in their encounter against India was particularly troubling. Nivethan Radhakrishnan’s ability to bowl with both hands will draw notice, but there are a few other bowlers who can make an impression as well.

At this early point of the competition, you must have faith in Australia’s cricket structure, which constantly produces some of the best young cricketing talent in the world and support them.


Rain is expected in Guyana, as is typical of matches on the islands. There will most likely be some stoppages and possibly a reduction in the amount of overs. When we see matches played here throughout the CPL, the pitch is actually pretty spinner-friendly, but it should be good to bat on at the start of the season.


We’ll wager on Australia U19 to win this match. They boast a superior batting team, anchored by Cooper Connolly, and their bowling assault is likely to put the West Indies lineup to the test. We believe the odds on Australia winning this match are reasonable and well worth a wager.

Australia U19 is the favourite to win.

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