IPL 2021 : The Maharashtra curfew would not affect travel on IPL match days, according to sources

The first question that comes to mind after the Maharashtra government imposed weekend curfews is how the teams will get to the Wankhede Stadium for the Indian Premier League 2021 games. However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has confirmed that the games will not be affected. Sources familiar with BCCI innovations told ANI that since the teams are in a bubble and will be riding in buses that are also part of the bubble, it will not be a concern.

“Not just the teams, but also the buses and drivers, as well as everything else, are included inside the bio-secure bubble. As a result, getting to the stadium on game days would not be an issue. Regular checks are conducted for people who serve around the teams, just as they were last year in the UAE. Traveling to and from the stadium would be unaffected by the curfew “According to the source.

The BCCI is also considering player vaccination ahead of the IPL, with vice president Rajeev Shukla reporting that the board would contact the Ministry of Health about player vaccination.

“I believe that the best way to deal with this coronavirus outbreak is to get vaccinated. The BCCI is now considering whether or not players should be vaccinated. Nobody knows when the coronavirus will be eradicated, and you can’t guarantee that it will be out by a certain date so that athletes can continue to compete. So, I guess I’ll have to think about it now. The players should be vaccinated as well “ANI quoted Shukla as saying.

When asked if the BCCI has written to the Health Ministry about player vaccination, Shukla said that the BCCI is considering the idea and that they would certainly contact the ministry to request that players be vaccinated.

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