IPL Prediction 2023: “I was not on the Ranji team preparing for the IPL. Chetan Sir called me and told me that I was selected to represent India. Jitesh Sharma

In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, New Zealand T20Is reserve wicketkeeper hitter Jitesh Sharma talked about his feelings, his journey and the difference between the Indian locker room and the IPL.

Patience and Jitesh Sharma go hand in hand. The same goes for sudden events. Its cricket journey is almost always like a soothing soundtrack, but in some cases it surpasses even the best action thrillers. was. He wanted to join the army, but took up cricket after a military test gave him a 4% mercy stamp on the Maharashtra state delegation. It wasn’t until he joined his U19 team at Vidaba that he began to seriously consider cricket as his first choice for a career.

Jitesh made his A-list his debut in 2014 and scored his first century in his third match against then-Indian spinner, Piyush his Chawla led Uttar his Pradesh. His exploits at the head of the order soon brought him to the attention of IPL scouts and he was arrested by Mumbai Indians in 2017. But just like that, the waiting game has begun. Jitesh failed to make the starting line-up for the star-studded Mumbai Indians and eventually won the title that year. Shortly thereafter he was released. His domestic career declined for several years before deciding to move down the batting order. From opener to finisher of the 2021-22 Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy season, he quickly became controversial for his skill with that six-stroke. He finished the tournament with 6 of 19 as he was in the top 6 of the tournament. This time the Punjabi Kings picked him up. With MI’s season just around the corner, Jitesh made his IPL debut in his PBKS five years after his last season. He appeared in 12 games last year and batted 163. “Everything has changed since then. Nobody expects a homegrown player to hit 160 in an instant. Most IPL franchises believe their main players score in caps. But after years of playing domestic cricket, I know how to handle situations because the basics of cricket remain the same,” Jitesh said in an exclusive interview with the Hindustan Times.

The right-hander underpinned his IPL performance with another good game at Said’s Mushtaqari T20 and played a key role in the Vidaba semi-finals as he batted his 6 of 13 in 10 games. .
The next Vijay Hazare Trophy (domestic 50-over tournament) was not very good for the right-handed wicket-keeper batsman. Ranji was not part of his squad for the trophy, so just as he was mentally preparing for another long-term fight and awaiting the IPL, he received a call from the Indian selection committee chairman. rice field. “Chetan Sharma Sir called me and said, ‘You have been selected for the remaining two matches in Sri Lanka. I’m done,” said the old man. He was named as Samson’s replacement for Sanju, who had not played in his two T20Is with Sri Lanka with a knee injury.

“I didn’t know you were going to call me. I wasn’t expecting a call. I wasn’t on the Ranji Trophy team, so I was preparing for the IPL. So I worked on my fitness. But suddenly I got a call. Obviously I was happy and wanted to take a chance.

The attacking right-hander remained in India’s squad for New Zealand’s T20Is from 27 January. “I feel more responsibility now. When I walk into the dressing room, I feel stronger. I feel extra pressure,” he added. When asked if his role in the Indian team is defined, Jitesh said he knows he has to attack in the middle order and play offensive cricket. i know my role i play as a finisher when i get the chance i know a lot of these guys (suryakumar yadav, hardik pandya) i played each other in domestic cricket and ipl I had no problems with the settings. Everyone was so welcoming. ”

Jitesh also talked about the difference between the atmosphere of an IPL and an Indian changing room.

“Indian locker rooms feel like home. Apne log hai apni bhasha mein baatein karte hai (we can talk and argue in our language),” he said.

Chosen as his backup goalkeeper, Jitesh knows he’ll have to keep working hard to maintain his skills along with his batting if he wants to earn a cap for the India national team.

“Maintenance helps me a lot. If the condition is good, batting will also be handed over. As a goalkeeper, I know how the pitch works,” he said.

Surprisingly, Jitesh Sharma’s mother doesn’t know the details of his cricket exploits. All she cares about is her son’s health and happiness.

“My mother is a simple woman,” she said. She doesn’t yet know that I play in the IPL or that I have been selected for the Indian team. She asks me if I can bowl. Without even trying to convince them that I’m a keeper batter, I say yes. Every time I packed up and left, she always warned me not to do anything out of the ordinary or that would embarrass me. will always be their little one,” he said.

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