Live cricket match prediction: “I’ve been waiting for this feeling for so long”

Nooshin Al Khadeer, head coach of the victorious U19 women’s team, acknowledged that the World Cup had been something India had ‘awaited for a very long time’, highlighting the depth of women’s cricket and its bright future in India. praised.

India, led by Shafari Verma, beat England by 68 points to her 7-wicket victory in the final at Potchefstroom’s JB Marks Her Oval, making her world first in women’s cricket. won the title.

“It’s the feeling we’ve been waiting for for a very long time,” Al-Qadir told the broadcaster minutes after India’s win. It just shows the depth we have and what the future holds.”

India lost only one game in the competition, losing to Australia in the Super 6, going out on 87 points. But the next day they fought back with a stunning victory over Sri Lanka, all but securing a place in the semi-finals.

“What’s special about this team is the faith,” Al-Qadia said. “I know it was a bad game against Australia, but the way they regrouped and played after that was all because of our mood. We kept it very simple. To achieve that, I thought I would play proper cricket and simple cricket. “

This comes after India struggled in his 2005 and his 50 Over World Cups in 2017, finishing runners-up in the 2020 World T20 Cup and last year’s Commonwealth Games. Al Khadeer was part of the Mithali Raj-led team that lost to Australia at Centurion 2005. It was the first time India reached the final of the World Cup.

“People have told us that many athletes have tried [to win the World Cup] but failed to achieve it.” So this is the first trophy for the Indian women’s team. we are all excited.

“The first time BCCI put us under the umbrella of the Indian Women’s Cricket Association in 2007 was when Nushin Maam played in the World Cup after 2005 and lost in the final. It was great to have them as our coaches.”

After the win, BCCI announced his prize of Rs 500 crore to the team and their assistants. Al Khadeer managed to keep her emotions in check while talking about what the title means for women’s football in India.

“I had goosebumps from the national anthem to the win,” she said. “We know and understand how special it is for us. Living it [the dream of winning a world title] through young girls is admirable.”

Sadhu helped stifle England from the start as he returned two figures in six of four overs. She was the first to catch opener Liberty Heap Sky before rolling wicketkeeper Selene Smail into the net. As a lone sailor of XI, she said she counts on the support of weirdos from the other side.

“We’re teammates, so [being the only fast bowler in the XI] isn’t completely lonely. “We have our other bowling partners Spinners with us. We played two games here against Sri Lanka and New Zealand. We also looked at the games played here.

Shafari, who will be part of the senior team that will compete in the Women’s T20 World Cup from February 10 along with Richa Ghosh, will join the senior team on February 3, a day after the three-game series against South Africa and the West Indies finished the Bump Indian setup. become.

“We did what we were supposed to do here,” she said. “The girls are incredible and supportive of each other. The coaching staff kept reminding us what we are here for. We are here for them.” I thank them.”

When asked if the U19 Cup was the only trophy she would take home with her, she quipped:
“No, even the big ones.”

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