Live cricket prediction: “Virat took this record from me”: Pakistan hitter retracts his ‘I’m the world’s No. 1 List A hitter’ remark about Kohli

The 36-year-old released his statement, admitting that “Kohli took the record from him.”

A few days ago, a veteran hitter from Pakistan made a startling remark comparing his one of his List A stats to Indian legend Virat his Kohli stats. He was only trying to settle his lawsuit after repeatedly being denied a spot on the Pakistan team over the years, but his statement quickly went viral on social media. He clarified his statement, admitting that “Kohli took the record from him.”

Khurram Manzoor, a right-handed hitter from Karachi, spoke with Nadir Ali on his YouTube channel and claimed he was his No. 1 List A hitter in the world, with Kohli below him on the list. added. He further said that the former Indian captain has a lower conversion rate in the format than he does. In this statement, he made it clear that he did not intend to compare himself to Kohli, but wanted to highlight his accomplishments in domestic cricket and challenge the selectors’ repeated refusals.

“I don’t compare myself to Virat Kohli. In fact, in 50-over cricket, whoever is in the top 10, I’m the best in the world. Kohli stands behind me.” The conversion rate is better than him, he scores a century every six innings. I score every 5.68 innings. And, based on an average of 53 over the last 10 years, it ranks 5th in the world in List A cricket. He also scored the 24th Century in his 48th innings in the final. I am still the top scorer among the players who have played for Pakistan from 2015 to date. I am also the top scorer and century getter in the national T20. Yet I am ignored. No one gave me a good reason to do that,” said Khurram, who has made 26 appearances for Pakistan.

In response to the criticism he faced on social media after his remarks, Crumb was only highlighting the stats and did not intend to compare himself to Kohli, whom he described as a “player of the generation.”

“It’s funny how some media outlets and individuals took my interview out of context and twisted my words. Virat Kohli is a generation his player and I’ve always admired him as the best. . I talked about this statistic on List A Cricket. This is me leading the charts and Kohli having his second-highest innings-per-100 percentage. I can’t compare him to him, but he’s played more games, mostly at the international level.

Speaking of Kohli, he’s been taking a break for his ongoing three-game T20I series against New Zealand and is set to return to the Borders Gavaskar test his series starting February 9.

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