Live cricket win probabaility: Origin: 4 . 4 4 6 4 – Shubman Gill beats New Zealand’s fastest bowler, Rocky Ferguson, Rohit Sharma is incredible

Rohit Sharma was surprised when Shubman Gill destroyed Lockie Ferguson at the third India-New Zealand ODI in Indore.

Currently in top form, Shubman Gill is looking to secure a spot in the India squad for his next ODI Cricket World Cup later this year. The young opener also showed renewed confidence by scoring an impressive 200 in his ODI, the first of his three-game ODI series underway against New Zealand.

A daring batsman, India had 208 runs off 149 balls when he contested 8 for 349 in 50 overs at Hyderabad. New Zealand pursued his 350-run target, and as the hosts won by his 12 runs, Mohammed was knocked out of the tournament for 337 in 49.2 overs, thanks to his four-wicket pull from Siraj. Rohit Sharma and others then followed with an 8-wicket victory in the second ODI as New Zealand took 34.3 overs to 108 overs. As a result, India won the series.

In his third ODI, the 23-year-old again delivered full batting power, beating Lockie Ferguson in his eighth over in India’s innings. Gill mocks the Pacer’s skill and four he hits a 4 and a 6, surprising Rohit.

On the first delivery of the over, Gill received a wide, short ball and slammed it straight down to the floor, hitting a four. On the next delivery he was hit as the ball held the line and went over the edge. On the third ball, Gill hit another 4 delivery over the deep third, followed by a shot between the center and additional cover to put them back-to-back. He received his ball short on his fifth delivery, lifted it over the point, and hit his six with an elegant that even Rohit couldn’t believe. On the final delivery, Shubmann slammed Ferguson to cover 4 points and take 22 from overs.

As Men In Blue prepare for the ODI World Cup, the focus is on Gill, especially as team managers try to unravel the mystery of the opening player.After the ODI series, India has his 3 his game will host New Zealand in his T20I series. Following the three-match T20I series, India will host Australia in a four- and three-match ODI Test series.

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