Perfect cricbuzz prediction: Rahane is confident in Mumbai’s Ranji Trophy campaign despite losing to Saurashtra.

Ahead of Mumbai’s upcoming Ranji Trophy match against Tamil Nadu, Rahane said his team should focus on realizing their potential and building on their strengths.

After Andhra Pradesh started his campaign with consecutive wins over Hyderabad, Ranji his Trophy, Mumbai faced Saurashtra in their final match.

But Mumbai captain Ajinkya Rahane has some advice for his teammates as the domestic giants gear up for an important match against Tamil Nadu, which starts at Brabourne Stadium on Tuesday.

“Whether you win or lose, it matters how you play every game and every session,” he said. That’s important,” Rahane said.

Rahane, not believing the kneeling reaction, adamantly dismisses the fact that the loss to Saurashtra has brought self-doubt to the team. Rather, he considers all of these conversations “irrelevant.”

“Saurashtra played really well in the last match and that is why they won. We have no self-doubt and are confident as a team. We respect all teams and know every team within the group very well. Our focus is to reach our potential, support our strengths and play freely,” added Lahane.

A star-studded batting consisting of Lahane, Suryakumar Yadav, Prithvisho, Sarfaraz and his Khan Despite his line-up, Mumbai lack Jaydev his Unadkat and Cheteshwar his Pujara serves on the Saurashtra side. I couldn’t chase the 280 against it.

Rahane has learned lessons from his losses and believes it is important to play his game session after session. “Whether you win or lose, attitude is the most important thing. Four Days In cricket, it’s all about doing your best in every session. A session can take the game away from you, so my advice to the team is to have a good attitude, do your best, and control what you can control.

“For me, it’s about giving 100 percent on the field and that’s what I’ve always focused on. It’s about having a good attitude and focusing on the moment instead of thinking about the consequences and consequences.For me it’s about the process and the best we can do as a team.”

White his ball against Sri Lanka With Suryakumar in action for India in his series, Mumbai are likely to bring Alman his Jafar back to the squad. “We have other good players. Armaan performed well in the first game, but unfortunately missed out as Surya came in instead. Having other players who can play and contribute to the team is a very good sign for the captain and team management,” Rahane added with a smile, before adding, “Sometimes choosing a team can give you a headache. That’s me. I’m happy that everyone prepared and played well.”

From India’s point of view, Rahane has had a decent season so far, knocking out his second century against Hyderabad before scoring just 24 and he scored 16 in the previous games. Did.

“Personally, I hit well. I just want to keep my rhythm and play for ball merit. He plays one session at a time and hits as much as he can. The goal is to do well for Mumbai and win games for the team. “

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