Perfect Cricbuzz Prediction : Whether it’s with the bat or the ball, I think I can control things. Ashwin

R Ashwin, who played a key role in the racket in India’s nerve-wracking win over Bangladesh on Sunday (December 25), tried to downplay his contribution, but he didn’t go down without a fight. His Man of the Match display included a 42 unbeaten run in a straight 71-run 8-wicket union with Shreyas Iyer, which drew comparisons to the team’s more experienced batsmen.

“Oh no,” he joked, refusing to be drawn alongside other hitters. “It was just my day,” he told Cribbuzz.

Skipper his KL Rahul said India’s dressing room was tense as batsmen negotiated difficult pitches and Bangladesh bowlers looted while chasing a tricky 145-run target. However, Ashwin made it clear that he was unaware of the tension, believing things to be within his control.

“I was sitting outside [from the dressing room], so I didn’t know [what was going on inside]. I always believe that once I have a bat, I can control things.”

After the match, Ashwin praised Ayer for his skillful handling of the situation. “It was one of those games that drifted games whenever they could turn it off. Shreyas hit brilliantly. Sometimes in those situations you feel like you have to get ahead of things. They I threw a good line, but I felt like I didn’t trust the defense enough. I liked the way Shreyas hit,” he told the host station.

A proven match-winner with the ball, Ashwin has broken India out of tight situations on two recent occasions. More famously, in his Cup match against Pakistan in his MCG, he kept his cool in a pressure cooker situation and made sure India beat Arch. Rival in the last ball finish.

“I don’t like to get off without a fight. I’ve always been in a difficult situation since he was eight years old. So I try to fight every day, and I’m the one on my team.” I don’t like to lose like the members of Those are the two opportunities that I’ve come up with on the right side,” he said, adding, “I’m very happy.

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