Perfect cricker match prediciton: If I bowled Surya, I would be disappointed: pandya

Hardik Pandya’s words always seem to be right. Many of his teammates who play under him would swear by it, but so would anyone who was speechless after seeing the Rajkot T20I. How else would you describe these incredible punches from Suryakumar Yadav?His youngest son, he’s a 45-ball Whirlwind 100-ball with a sharper racket and a deeper scoop. , was hitting the ball further out of the torso and higher. However, when asked about the innings, the Indian captain uttered perfect words in his unparalleled style. At the post-game award ceremony, Pandya told host broadcaster Starr, “If you bowled him, you’d be disappointed…for the type of shot he played.” , letting everyone know that this blow is so easy, he was actually playing one blinder after another, and now it’s becoming a habit, which is great for him.

“I leave him alone. You don’t have to tell him much. He’s quite experienced now, he knows this situation, he knows exactly what’s going on. And when he comes across a situation he doesn’t quite understand, we always talk and always find a solution. “

But for Suryakumar, many solutions are found during practice sessions. If you ask him, it’s all about “putting pressure” on yourself before the important time comes.

“I think it’s really important for him to put pressure on himself when he’s preparing for a match,” Slyakumar said. “During practice sessions, what you do and what processes and routines you follow is very important. Become.

“Of course there is a lot of hard work, but at the same time you also have to have quality training sessions.As you know, you have to know what your game is. And we try to keep things very simple.

Between 51 and 112*, Suryakumar hit 6 of 9. His 6s sailed over long legs, deep back square legs, deep midwicket, extra cover, back points and even fine legs. how does he do that? “There are some shots that are pre-determined, but at the same time, the bowler needs shots in his arsenal when he throws other pitches.

Pandya admitted that he rarely had to speak to Suryakumar, but the conversation between the hitter and his coach could not have been more predictable. “He (Rahul Dravid) entertains me. No matter what I’m doing or what situation I’m in, he just says, ‘Have fun, express yourself, try to change the game. “

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