Perfect cricket match prediction: Ranji Trophy: Hyderabad’s T. Ravi Teja claimed his second fighter, bowling Andhra for 135.

In response to Andhra’s 135, Hyderabad received three quick blows after the opener. The captain his Tanmay Agarwal (35, 59b, 4×4) and his Pragnay Reddy (17, 54b, 3×4) bet 53 for the first wicket.

Pacer T. Ravi Teja’s second consecutive five-wicket move (5-for-33) saw Dr. PVG Raju ACA Sports Complex win by 135 on Tuesday in Hyderabad, Andorra.

In response, Hyderabad took three quick blows after the opening game – captain Tanmey Agarwal (35, 59b, 4×4) and Pragney Reddy (17, 54b, 3×4) – 53 for the first wicket. bet.

Previously, Andhra’s slap scare continued this season. After a quiet start, scoring 36 in 16 overs in the home side’s opener, a parade of batsmen came and went as Ravi Teja C.R. Gnaneshwar (9) the wicketkeeper he snicks Bhavesh Seth. A disappointing run on the racket of captain Hanuma Bihari (2) soon followed, falling victim to Ravi Teja.

Tragedy struck Andhra. With veteran Ricky Bui in his 24 overs and substitute fielder Ajay Dev Goud soon fellow pacemaker Kathikeyakak K.S. Bharat (5) stymied Andorra going 4-for-67 in his 26 overs. It didn’t really recover after that as Ravi finished with his 5 wicket move and Kak picked his 3 wickets including the important one for K.V. Sasikanth (1) and he Nithish Kumar Reddy (13).

All hope rested on opener Abhishek Reddy (81, 145b, 15×4) who was a silent spectator from the other side when the wicket dropped regularly. The former Karnataka player had a great shot, but it wasn’t enough today except to give him some seriousness as no other player was able to raise the bar.

Importantly, unlike previous games, Hyderabad’s bowlers were not allowed to wag their tails. Andhra fought back well in the final session, with Hyderabad captain Tanmay Agarwal, starters Pragnay Reddy and Rohit Rayudu ( 6) sent out and all retreated to their pacemakers.


Andhra – 1st innings: Abhishek Reddy b Ravi Teja 81, C.R. Gnaneshwar c Bhavesh b Ravi Teja 9, Hanuma Vihari c Sahani b Ravi Teja 2, Ricky Bhui run out (sub) Ajay Goud 6, K.S. Bharat b Kak 5, Karan Shinde c Bhavesh b Ravi Teja 3, Pinninit Tapaswi c Bhavesh b Rakshann 4, K.V. Sasikanth c Rohit b Kak 1, K. Nithish Kumar Reddy c Sahani b Kak 13, Shoaib Mohd Khan b Ravi Teja 0, K. Sudharsan not out 1.

Extras: (b-5, lb-5) 10

Total: (all out in 51.1 overs) 135

Fall of wickets: 1-36, 2-48, 3-62, 4-67, 5-81, 6-100, 7-111, 8-122, 9-122, 10-135.

Hyderabad bowling: Ravi Teja 16-7-34-5, Rakshann 14-5-30-1, Kak 13.1-4-31-3, Shashank 8-2-30-0.

Hyderabad – 1st innings: Tanmay Agarwal c Gnaneshwar b Sudharsan 35, Pragnay Reddy c (sub) Rasheed b Sasikanth 17, K. Rohit Rayudu b Nithish 6, Alankrit Aarwal batting 10, Bhavesh Seth batting 4.

Extras: (lb-6, w-1) 7

Total: (for three wickets in 30 overs) 79

Fall of wickets: 1-53, 2-60, 3-74.

Andhra bowling: Sasikanth 9-3-19-1, Sudharsan 9-1-26-1, Nithish 9-2-26-1, Tapasi 3-1-2-0.

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