Prediction of cricbuzz today: Brown and Sutherland split 5 shares, Pakistan tied at 125

Pakistan 125 (Brown 3-32) vs Australia

After a disciplined bowling performance limited Pakistan at Alan Borderfield, Australia need 126 runs to complete the three-game ODI series.

Pakistan chose to attack in sunny weather in Brisbane and faced a strong total in the game after he lost the series opener by eight wickets in a rain-affected contest.

However, they were held back by relentless bowling from a concentrated Augie attack, with fast Darcy Brown catching three wickets.

Sailor Kimgarth made his ODI debut in Australia with a wobble in the knee and replaced Megan his Schutt who is managed ahead of his upcoming T20 World Championship.

Garth went on the attack and wound up the maiden first with an exceptional start. She continued to roll lengths from behind and found second-half momentum during a neat five-over spell on the first power play.Garth finished wicketless but conceded just 13 runs from eight overs. I was. She played her 34 ODIs in Ireland from 2010 to her 2018 before moving to Australia in search of full-time opportunities.

Her Garth, 26, improved her Quicks performance in Australia.

Pakistan failed to form a partnership as some of their batsmen were unable to take advantage of starts, just like in the first game. After opener Sidra Ameen fell behind in the second over, Muniba Ali and skipper Bisma Maloof played cautiously to slow Brown and Garth’s pace.

Mneba was given life at 5 when she was dropped on Phoebe Litchfield’s second slip. I jumped in and added another boundary a few balls later.

Mneba’s aggressive approach, moving around her crease in an attempt to upset her bowlers, backfired on her when she hit missed spinner Ashley Gardner to cover a point. .

Pakistan’s bid for competitive sums collapsed when Maloof was lured into a 21-year-old trap by tailor Annabel Sutherland. The burden fell again on veteran Nida Dar. Nida Dar spent half a century in Pakistan and scored the most goals in his first game.

However, Dahl’s luck ended in the 24th when she was gone at the end of the non-forwards after a touch was deflected from Garth who ran into the stumps.

Pakistan were eliminated after 43 overs as their hopes of keeping the series alive seemed lost.

With the T20 World Cup looming, the three-game series led to his three T20Is, completing Pakistan’s first bilateral series in Australia since 2014.

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