Prediction of cricket match: WTC point table updates: Australia are nearing the final after the series win over South Africa. Qualifying scenarios for India and Sri Lanka

Latest updates to the WTC points table:
Australia’s 2–0 win over South Africa helped him maintain his place in the World Cup final in Sunday’s test.

Australia came close to bottom of the 2021-23 ICC World Test Championships after her 2-0 series win over South Africa in Sydney on Sunday.

So far with 10 wins, 1 loss and 4 draws, Australia have tallied 136 points with a Points Percentage (PCT) of 75.55. South Africa, where he was second before the start of the series, fell to his fourth place after 13 games with a PCT of 48.71.

India (58.93) and Sri Lanka (53.93) are second and her third respectively, with all four teams continuing their mathematical battle for his last two spots. India and Australia will play their final match in the Border Gavaskar Trophy next month, while South Africa will host the West Indies in a two-match series at the end of February. Sri Lanka will host New Zealand in the final series of the 2021-23 WTC cycle in March.

Here are the updated WTC Final Qualifier scenarios for Australia, India, South Africa and Sri Lanka:

Had Australia managed to beat South Africa with her 3-0 win in the Sydney Test, they would have been dominant enough to advance to the WTC Finals regardless of the series outcome against India. . .

South Africa will need at least a draw to finish with a minimum PCT of 61.40, just ahead of Sri Lanka’s best possible result, as a draw would take her eight points away from Australia.

Australia wins Border Gavasker her trophy with her 4-0 victory over India in March to qualify for her WTC Finals with her stunning 80.07 PCT. Highest possible degree:
Finished with 184 points and 80.07 PCT after beating India 0-4

Worst ending:
He lost 4-0 to India, finishing with 136 points and a PCT of 59.64.

After her 2-0 win over Bangladesh in December 2022, India moved into second place after South Africa conceded big in the series against Australia. However, India (58.93) will have to stop Sri Lanka’s threat and the PCT could rise above 60 if they play four games in a row against Australia.

India’s 3-1 win over Australia would be enough for India to finish with her PCT of 61.92 to reach the final alongside Australia, ahead of Sri Lanka’s best result. A 2-2 draw would see India surpass South Africa’s top score of 56.4 PCT. A second straight win against New Zealand would drop Sri Lanka down points, which would also be enough for India to qualify.

Highest possible degree:
She beat Australia 4-0, scoring 147 points and her PCT of 67.43.

Worst ending:
Her 4-0 loss to Australia finished with 99 points and her PCT 45.4.

South Africa
A series fiasco with Australia took the fate of the Proteas out of their own hands. If he wins 2-0 over the West Indies, his PCT will be his 55.55. However, if India wins at least two of his remaining four matches, it will not be enough for final qualifying.

Highest possible degree:
He won 2-0 over the West Indies and finished with 100 points and his PCT 55.55.

Worst ending:
He finished with 76 points and a PCT of 42.2 in a 0-2 loss to the West Indies.

Sri Lanka
His 2-0 win over New Zealand in March could allow Sri Lanka to finish with his PCT 61.11. However, India’s 3-1, 3-0 or 4-0 victory over Australia is not enough to qualify. Her 2-2 finish for India against Australia could see Sri Lanka reach the final if they can beat the Kiwis at home.

Highest possible degree:
Finished with 88 points and a PCT of 61.11 in a 2-0 win over New Zealand.

Worst ending:
Finishing with 64 points and his PCT of 44.44 in a 2-0 loss to New Zealand.

Can England and the West Indies qualify for the WTC Finals? Despite effectively dropping out of the WTC finals, England (46.97) and the West Indies (40.91) still have mathematical chances.

Final England vs West Indies WTC Qualifying Chances

In the worst case scenario for India (worst 0-4 finish vs Australia), his PCT would end up with a PCT of 45.4, below England’s final PCT tally of 46.97. Sri Lanka could also end with a low 44.44 PCT if New Zealand gets a series of stucco in island nations.

Only the winner of the South Africa v West Indies series could beat England should such an unlikely scenario come to pass. With PCT 55.55 he could qualify for the WTC Finals if South Africa beat the West Indies 2-0 to her. South Africa can also qualify with one win in the series.

If the West Indies win her 2–0 victory over the Proteas, she could end up with a 50 PCT and reach the finals.

Meanwhile, Pakistan, New Zealand and Bangladesh have already dropped him from the WTC finals.

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