Prediction of cricket match yesterday: Domingo and Rhodes – Cultural Misfits in the Bangladesh Institution

It has been a hot topic in Bangladesh cricket circles since Russell Domingo stepped down as Bangladesh head coach. The South African informed the BCB by email on Tuesday (December 28) that he was resigning immediately.

It wasn’t a sudden step. It certainly wasn’t acceptable to him that he was left out of his T20 his squad and the arrival of Sridharan Sriram, but he accepted it. However, what happened before and after that certainly had a lasting effect on him, ultimately prompting his resignation. The BCB has consistently tried to raise concerns about Domingo’s coaching methodology and the appointment of Khaled Mahmoud as the team’s technical director is a clear indication that he is not happy with his plan of action.

The BCB often accused Domingo of being too lenient with cricketers and not showing sufficient authority in the changing rooms. Mahmoud’s modus operandi revealed he was yelling at players in the changing room before being kicked off. Shaw submitted to board for explanation. The reason why.

Finally, the BCB claimed Domingo was misquoted, but will determine if all of the ‘external noise’, the over-training and hard-hitting methods ingrained in Bangladesh’s cricket culture, really came to him. However, since that explosion, it was more or less expected that Domingo would soon leave.

BCB is a strict Head Master form Head He likes the coach and Chandika He likes the Hussar the way the head acted and didn’t act when he was the coach is considered a weakness. Domingo had his own way of doing things, a male management style aimed at maintaining friendly relations with his rep, which the BCB saw as a very weak way of managing the team. By the way, this cultural mismatch was also the reason Steve Rose fell at the end of his cup at the 2019 Worlds, where Bangladesh finished in his 8th place. Both South Africans and British felt no reason for the principal’s treatment as they felt the players were mature and professional enough to make their own decisions. , coaches of all weight classes are known for coaching and mentoring their players throughout the day of training and games, until they return to their team buses or hotels at the end of the day.

Hatrusinghe, who has urged the board to cut all ties with Rhodes after the 2019 World Cup, is a likely candidate to replace Domingo in the next few days and start another term as Bangladesh’s head coach. . Curiously, it was under him that Bangladesh played in his 2015 ICC World Cup quarter-finals, 2017 Champions his Trophy semi-finals, winning at home against India, Pakistan and South Africa.

Bangladesh, led by Hassursingha, had a winning percentage of 43 in his 95 appearances in all formats. Interestingly, Domingo beat his numbers by winning 44% of his 90 gutches. Sacked for being too soft, Rhodes won 52% of the 44 games he coached.But the BCB weren’t happy with those stats and numbers. For neither Rhodes nor Domingo could bring to the table what Hathhurusinghe brought to the table.

Former BCB cricket operations chairman Akram Khan, who has seen the trio up close as head of cricket operations, told Cricbuzz on Wednesday that there is a cultural divide between the board and the final two coaches. rice field.

“I think there’s a problem with our culture [cricket] and it’s basically that you have to stand behind every move a cricketer makes. They (Rhodes and Domingo) are good coaches too, but what happened to Hatulsinga was that he would dictate every 1-2 overs and hold everyone accountable for doing it well. But that was the case with Rhodes and Domingo. “I felt like they (Rhodes and Domingo) informed the team and that was enough, but it’s very important to understand our culture, so it’s not.

“I don’t think we can get out of our culture. You can say it’s our fault, but because we hold everyone accountable, from the captain to every player, he I was successful because I was able to do my job. I don’t know if I needed someone tough or soft, but the success I had with Hatulus was that he was able to , because you were very good at explaining why you wanted to do it a certain way.

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