Most Love Cricketers : Cricket’s most famous XI of all time

Cricket has long been recognised as a gentleman’s game, and players from various generations have shown this time and time again. About the fact that the game entails fierce rivalry and dramatic moments, some players maintain a positive attitude. Their mentality on and off the field has helped them win the hearts of millions of people all around the world.

As a player displays humility in front of his younger teammates, coaches, and international cricketers, he steadily gains respect and appreciation. On the pitch, no one would have expected to see a group of players get upset or engage in a tense discussion. Let us take a moment to honour all of those gentlemen by looking at-

All-time most loved XI of cricket

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, dubbed the “God of Cricket,” won the hearts of a generation of cricket fans. Fans of the game can only turn on their televisions while he was bowling, and India’s chances were unlimited before he was on the crease.

Thousands of children have just recently begun to watch and play cricket as a result of Tendulkar’s efforts. His cool and collected attitude was the icing on the cake, notwithstanding the fact that he has a bag full of records to his credit and his magnificence is scripted on golden pages of cricket history.

His record of 100 international centuries and highest runs in ODIs and Tests continues to shine brightly across the globe. The fact that almost every Indian cried when he said his final goodbyes to his international career speaks volumes about his brilliance and ability to command hearts.


2. Stephen Fleming

Fleming is widely respected as one of New Zealand cricket’s greatest captains. On and off the field, he was a complete gentlemen, and the public rarely saw him embroiled in any kind of scandal. He is now the coach of the Chennai Super Kings.

About the fact that the Christchurch native has a long list of achievements on the pitch, his cool demeanour when leading the team seemed to win over a lot of people. Shane Warne and Graeme Swann, who were awestruck by his tactical skills back in the day, praised him.

Fans have never seen a line of agitation on his forehead during his time with CSK over the years. He can be seen keeping his composure in the most stressful situations in sports, and it is no surprise that captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a good rapport with him.


3. Rahul Dravid

The storey of Rahul Dravid’s gentleness is second to none. He is known as the wall of Indian cricket. If cricket is referred to as a gentleman’s game, he is without a doubt the undisputed torchbearer for all. Dravid kept the game’s rules, decorum, and honour in the highest esteem, setting the best precedent for future generations.

Dravid’s mastery of Test cricket drew applause from all corners of the globe. However, such is his humility, he chose to keep the side of the India A and U-19 teams after retirement from international cricket, ensuring that India’s future shines brightly as well.

The U-19 team flew too far under his direction. Dravid was recognised by the world as India’s youth displayed class in their recent series with Australia Down Under. He, on the other hand, dismissed any of the compliments and credited the youngster’s hard work.


4. Kane Williamson

As the list passes to the fourth batsman, Kane Williamson of New Zealand could not be a better choice. If he turns up on a regular basis, no one will notice he is on the field. He prefers to lead quietly, wrapped in the best of a relaxed and cool demeanour.

He never engages in heated debates or initiates sledging on the pitch, according to fans and players. He is just calm and still smiles, even in the most trying of circumstances. He is admired unconditionally all over the world because of his sheer humility.

The New Zealander has had his fair share of bad luck on the cricket ground, but he has always managed to hide his disappointment behind his soft grin. Fans all over the world expressed his disappointment when he walked down after New Zealand’s heartbreaking defeat in the 2019 World Cup final.

5. AB de Villiers

ABD is without a doubt one of the most well-liked cricketers on the planet. Mr. 360 has gained a reputation for being the best in the industry on the track, and he is just as friendly and calm off it.

Fans can become addicted to his batting and fielding masterclass. However, the emotional bond he has formed with fans and players from other countries is indescribable. Indians adore him, which is why he and his IPL franchise, RCB, have gotten along so well.

When he cried during the 2015 World Cup semi-finals, the whole world watched in disbelief. Even Aakash Chopra recently claimed that he has seen AB receive a standing ovation in India, which has previously only been granted to players such as Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, or Rohit Sharma.

6. Jacques Kallis

Jacques Kallis, one of the best all-rounders of all time, is ranked sixth on the list. He is the only cricketer in the world with 250 wickets and over 10,000 runs in both ODIs and Tests.

He had a perfect and chill personality on and off the pitch, in addition to his world-class cricketing strategies. People never saw him get angry with umpires, and even in the most tense moments of the season, he stayed calm.

Protea’s calm demeanour allowed him to maintain his cool even when he was provoked, and it was for this reason that he was adored all over the world. He is now the coach of the South African national team and is one of the most known names in cricket.


7. MS Dhoni (C & wk)

The 7th person on this list is also the team’s rightful skipper, and that person is none other than MS Dhoni. MSD’s glow during his playing days was nothing short of mystical. His every step on the pitch, in turn, revealed the cricketing genius he was.

He led India like a king, apart from being the best finisher in the world and smashing back-to-back sixes. He won all of the ICC awards and made the right decisions he could under the conditions. Several young people credit him for helping to shape their careers in the best possible way.

During his playing days, he received an abundance of love and blessings, which he continues to enjoy today. The earth came to a halt the day legend retired from international cricket. Not only Indian players and supporters, but people all over the world, have spoken out about the effect MSD has had on their lives.


8. Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble, another gentlemen and game superstar, is next on the list. The star Indian spinner built a name for himself in the cricket world with his unrivalled abilities and humble demeanour. He will always appear in the softest tone and garner a lot of affection from people.

Kumble is considered as one of the best spinners of all time, and in the purest form of the game, he is the third-highest wicket-taker (619). He had the world’s respect as he came down the field with a fractured jaw to bowl against the West Indies.

He led the team successfully after the infamous Monkeygate scandal and bagged a lot of praises from the big names. Keeping his game aside, he still continues to coach PBKS in IPL and youngsters learn a great deal of bowling and gentleman temperament from him.


9. Dale Steyn

Steyn is the first pacer to be included in the top XI of all time. For his world-class bowling, South Africa’s competitive and fearsome bowler has won a lot of praise and a large fan base.

However, there is one more part to Steyn’s personality that people all over the world admire: his modest and caring demeanour. Despite his reputation as a vicious pacer, he displays no needless provocation on the field and also smiles when struck for boundaries.

During his tours and involvement with the IPL, he also received a lot of love from the Indian people. Steyn became emotional recently after KKR bowler Shivam Mavi referred to him as his hero. Much of this demonstrates his affection for fellow cricketers and juniors, as well as why fans adore him.

10. Brett Lee

Lee is yet another gifted pacer to be included on this list. In his prime, he was a legend and the very best in his field. He was hailed as one of the world’s strongest, and his endearing grin captured the hearts of millions across the globe.

And when sledgeing on the track, he never went over his limit and kept his cool. During the notorious Sydney Test in 2008, he didn’t even try to harass umpires or opposing batsmen. He is also adored by people all over the world because he is a multitalented person.

He used to have a lot of fun performing with his punk band, Six and Down. His passion for music was so strong that he collaborated on an album with legendary singer Asha Bhosle, bringing him closer to the Indian people.

11. Lasith Malinga

Malinga is one of the most well-known pacers in the world, who absorbed all the adversity with a caring smile on his face. During his prime, he dominated the bowling charts while displaying class, and he continued his form in the IPL as well.

Though playing for the five-time champion Mumbai Indians, he received a lot of love in India. He has taken the most wickets for them so far. He received a lot of love from Indian fans and players when he declared his retirement from franchise cricket.

Several heartfelt notes were written to remind him what a hero he was and what he had done for Mumbai. In every way, the elegant Sri Lankan completes this illustrious list.


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