Real cricbuzz prediction: Moreeng believes Van Niekerk ‘ready’ for T20 World Championships

Dane van Niekerk continues to fight for South Africa’s T20 World Cup team and will take the final fitness test on January 27th to prove his fitness for selection.

She broke her ankle last January and has since missed the Over 50 World Cup and Commonwealth Games. I’ve played for the South African women’s team, but that was not the case. She played international cricket as she works to meet the fitness standards set by Cricket South Africa (CSA). She was ruled out of her three series games against India and the West Indies starting Thursday, but Hilton said her coach Mollenk said she will lead the team at next month’s World Cup. optimistic.

“I think she’s ready,” she said, Moreeng. “So she has every chance to make sure she’s ready so she can pass the fitness test and make sure she’s part of the group. She was part of the camp and trained with us. She works hard to be on this team. ”

ESPNcricinfo believes Juan’s Niekerk fitness has improved dramatically since before her injury. The insider said she was “the healthiest I’ve been in five years,” she lost 10kg since turning 100 last year and achieved all her goals except the 2km time trial. For South African women’s cricketers she has to finish in 9:30 and men’s cricketers she has to finish in 8:30. All players wishing to play for the national team must meet these standards and pass a body composition test, which was only introduced in recent years when the CSA required stricter fitness. It’s a rule.

Last year, Van Niekerk’s teammate Risel Lee was dropped from her national team after failing her body composition test after her weight was deemed over the standards set for her. Did. Lee then backed off, explaining how he felt bullied and physically embarrassed at the time, and wondered why standards were less individualized.

Men’s whiteball bowler Sisanda Magala asked the same question when he was left out of the national team for failing to meet the conditions, he told The Cricket Monthly for the day he made up for the 12 seconds he missed in the current test. The national tournament top hoped for his performance as a bowler, but said it wasn’t. He then passed the test and was called up to his ODI squad in South Africa for the match against England later this month on Tuesday.

In the case of Mr. Lee and Mr. Magala, Mr. Moreeng was asked whether the strict application of the standards was fair and said he believed the consistency of the standards was fair. Every member of the team, including at the national level, knows what it takes.This is where we stand as a team and as a country, that is where we are heading. It’s the direction we’re going in. We’re meeting the minimum standards.” “It’s a benchmark designed and given to players across the country. One that tests your strength and aerobic fitness to make sure players can handle whatever demands the game throws on them on a daily basis.” One is to make sure the players have the best time possible for their performance.”

But Moreng admitted that even without passing the running test, Van Niekerk is vital to her chances of success in South Africa.”She’s a top-notch cricketer,” he said. “With them, any environment would be blessed.”

And those close to Van Niekerk say she will do whatever it takes to make sure she passes the tests and is in the South African team, and attending this World Cup is her dream come true. I think. After reaching the semi-finals in 2014 and 2020, South Africa have set themselves the goal of reaching the final of their home World Cup.

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