Real cricbuzz prediction: The Good Samaritan Who Came to Help Rishab Pant

His only connection to cricket is that he is from a village called Bara. Otherwise, Sushil, a bus driver who works for Haryana Road Transport Corporation, is not thrilled with this game and has no way of knowing who Rishabh Pant is.

Things got pretty serious on Friday morning when he saw a rickety car hit the road gauge and roll over to his side of the road. I took care of my passengers.

“We went in another direction. I came back from Haridwar and he drove from Delhi. There is a road divider in between. We stopped the bus at Gurukul Narsan. At this point the speed is automatically reduced and you are driving at approximately 45 km/h. In the distance I saw a car wiggling from side to side,” Sushil recalled he told Cribbuzz. Stunned by the sudden turn of events on the road early Friday morning, Sushil still remembers the scene of the accident from which Punt miraculously escaped.

“I thought it was going to crash, but in just 10 seconds it hit the bulkhead. Little did we know it was on our side, and when we pulled over, we saw the car on fire.”

Paramjeet, a bus conductor, added: We pulled him out and thought he was dead.We actually pinned him to the partition.I asked the driver to check the car to see if anyone was there. In the meantime, some passengers got off our bus. At this stage the vehicle exploded and we moved away from the burning car. He regained his consciousness quickly and told us there was no one else in the vehicle. When I asked him who he was, he replied that he was an Indian cricketer. “

Sushil is not interested in cricket, but is happy to help. “Whoever he was, we would have done what we could. He asked for water, and we gave him water. It was my duty, anyone at this place would have done what we did.No credit accrued. I have just fulfilled my humanitarian responsibility. I didn’t know he was a big cricket star in India. I think anyone would have done the same. “

His colleagues share this idea. “First of all, the question of why we did it does not arise, because we are always on the move. It can happen to us. Now that I’ve planted it, I need to help the poor buy the tickets I let him travel. No one knows when such a fate will befall me or my parents,” said Paramujeet, a 30-year-old conductor from Gori, just a few kilometers from the village of Sushil.

Did the Rishabh family get a call?”No, he himself wanted to call his mother in that semi-conscious state. The bus driver dialed her number, but it was disconnected,” Paramjeet said. Told. The driver dialed 112 for the police station and the conductor dialed 108 for the ambulance. About 20 minutes later, an ambulance arrived and said goodbye to Mr.pant.

The Two Good Samaritans have received many phone calls since the incident. The Haryana government reportedly announced an award to them but said they should not pay the credit. and did what we had to do. We look forward to Rishabh Pant recovering soon and his Ballah taking over the story again.

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