Real cricbuzz prediction today: Heavy rain forced us to wash out on the third day

The third day’s match of the Third Test between Australia and South Africa was completely ruled out by persistent rain in Sydney on Friday (6 January).

The rain fell just before his 30-minute early start time to make up for the overs lost in the previous two days in the traditional pink test, and didn’t give him enough time to act in the morning session.

This resulted in an early lunch on the third day, but Usman Khawadja managed to win his first Test with his double from what could be his century as he had five runs left. rice field. He is joined by COVID-positive Matt Renshaw, who has played for white for the first time since 2018.

The rain intensified as the day progressed, forcing those involved to request early tea as two sessions had already been lost. However, more rain was predicted for the evening, so action on the third day seemed unlikely. Minutes into what could be the final session, officials finally called off play for the day while a steady drizzle was still audible in the background.

Khawaja, who was 195 when the match was cut short by rain on his second day of the final session, captained his putt if Cummins decided to declare overnight. You may have to sacrifice 200 dreams. Australia are now 475/4 in the first innings after picking the first at-bat in his two games remaining. Dominant victories in Brisbane and Melbourne have already brought the hosts to a 2-0 finish to the series.

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