Real cricbuzz prediction: Zondo questions decision to continue playing in Sydney when lights go out

South Africa’s hitters are also rooting for captain Dean Elgar, who has recovered from a tour slump.

South Africa’s Kaya Zondo has questioned whether Wright is fit to continue the game after being sacked at the Sydney test, believing he was given an inside advantage over Yorker by Pat Cummins. There is

Zondo, who was struggling to reach 39 wins after his 37-3 record against South Africa, was floodlit Saturday when Cummins fired a spectacular bowl around the wicket. was pinned forward in the final session of . The lbw was given on the field, and Zondo didn’t immediately confirm it, but the bat appeared to hit the ground, but a spike was seen on the replay.

“There was a spike,” Zondo said. “I don’t want to talk too much about it. A decision has been made. it is what it is.

“It was pitch black…it felt like, it was pretty dark. Isn’t he (Cummins) late?”

When the game was first suspended on Wednesday, the referee set the level in a bad light. Josh Hazelwood admitted that conditions were clouded towards the end as Marco Jansen was plagued by shortages of supplies, but that was after Zondo was sacked.

Following Zond’s wicket, in-form Kyle Verreynne’s wicket was in danger of slipping during a big spell from Cummins and needed South Africa 127 to avoid a follow-on, or 14 wickets to see the final day. followed. “I only have one day to hit,” Zondo said. “I’m sure I’ve done this before, so I’m sure I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Zondo backs Elgar to bounce back from poor tour of Australia:

He also had words in favor of captain Dean Elgar, who had a disastrous tour with the bat in a major overhaul by Hazelwood and Cummins. It’s the fourth lowest number for a captain to play at least three games in a row, behind Walsh, Ivo Bligh and Arthur Gilligan.

“He was in a good mood… I didn’t see any frustrations in the dressing room,” said Zondo. “I’ve been captain at the national level and I know what it’s like. I think it would be ten times harder to do it internationally, but he does it well.

“You know he’s got experience, so he knows the wheel will turn. I will go. Soon the sun will shine, and at this rate it will never end.”

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