Real cricket match prediction: “Playing in this league is a joke”: Twitter slammed the shocking BBL decision when hitters realized he was behind despite a large gap

Jordan Silk was scored ‘behind behind’ during a match between the Sydney Sixers and the Melbourne Stars despite a significant gap between stick and ball.

Big His Bash His league sparked another controversy on Friday when Jordan Silk lost a wicket in the Sydney Sixers vs. Melbourne Stars match due to an apparent referee error. In the final over of the game, Silk appeared to be out when he needed two runs for the Sixers to win his three deliveries, but Stars skipper Adam Zampa threw a slam dunk into the game. Checked for caught deficits. Shockingly, the rep showed a clear gap between the bat and the ball, but the snickometer showed a spike.

Adding to the shock to the batter, the third umpire ruled that he was subsequently caught. Silk protested and asked for a review himself, but had to return to the pavilion.

The internet was understandably not too happy with the referee’s decision either, with fans and even cricketers criticizing the call on Twitter.

Former team his India opener Aakash Chopra wrote: When spiked, the ball is 6 inches away from the racket. left side of the screen. #BBL12″

Meanwhile, New Zealand’s James Neesham attacked the BBL for overruling a bad refereeing decision after punishing a player for wording.

“I think everyone should be more focused on properly finening every player who said a rude word on the field this season, rather than focusing on the referee’s big mistake. It’s really important,” Kiwi wrote. An all-rounder.

This isn’t the first time the Big Bash League has come under scrutiny for questionable referee decisions. Earlier this week, Melbourne Stars captain Adam Zampa tried to knock out Tom Rodgers with a non-forward end. However, the umpire first argued with the bowler, telling him that his arm had crossed the “perpendicular line”, the point at which the ball was considered bowled. He then checked the TV referee, which led to the same verdict, and gave Rogers reprieve. At the time, the decision caused quite a bit of outrage on social media.

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