Sarah Taylor, a former England cricketer, has returned to the Hundred.

Since putting her career on hold due to anxiety problems, former England wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor will return to professional cricket in the Hundred. After declaring her international retirement in September 2019, Taylor took up coaching roles with the Welsh Flames. The 100-ball-per-side franchise tournament was supposed to start last year, but the coronavirus pandemic forced it to be postponed.

Both men’s and women’s teams will compete in one of the eight franchises, with the two tournaments running concurrently.

“Coaching is my future, so I’m still checking the waters to see if I’m strong enough and if I still have what it takes. I don’t think I have anything to lose by playing; I just get to enjoy myself “Taylor said.

“I may get the toughest tournament in the world, but I’m confident that I’ll enjoy every minute of it. It’s my grounder now that I have a full-time job; my feet are firmly rooted on the field. Now I can relax and enjoy my cricket.”

Taylor, who has won two World Cups with England, is undecided about wearing the wicketkeeping gloves for the Welsh Fire, who also have Australia’s Beth Mooney.

The 31-year-old is looking forward to being back on the pitch, and partnering with Australia captain Meg Lanning is an extra bonus.

“The opportunity to be there in the first year of the Hundred is almost a no-brainer,” Taylor said.

The Hundred is intended to bring a wider generation to cricket in order to ensure its survival, but opponents have criticised the need for yet another new model in an already overcrowded calendar.

The tournament will kick off on July 21 with a women’s match between Oval Invincibles and Manchester Originals, with the men’s teams competing the next day.

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