Today cricbuzz prediction: explanation: Why was Neser’s controversial catch allowed in the Big Bash League?

The Marylebone Cricket Club has explained the law that helped determine the sacking of Jordan Silk at Sunday’s Big Bash.

Michael Nether’s stunning catch in the Big Bash League game between the Brisbane Heat and Sydney Sixers sparked controversy and controversy on Sunday.

Nessel caught a ball hit by Jordan Silk inside the bounds but had to go outside the bounds to complete the catch. he flicked the ball in the air before going out of bounds

After Nessel landed on the ground over the boundary ropes, he jumped into the air to catch the ball, threw it back onto the field, moved inside the boundary and caught the ball.

The referee thought the effort was fair and Silk was dismissed. The decision was debated among fans on his social media outlets, as well as criticism of the rules. Kate Cross and Simon Dole were among the players stunned by the decision, with Simon Dole describing the laws allowing capture as “horrible”.

MCC Rule 19.5.2 states, “A fielder who is not in ground contact shall, after the ball is pitched and before the first contact with the ball, over the boundary if the last contact with the ground occurs. Considered Banned: The bowler was not entirely within limits.

The MCC further tweeted, “Initial contact must be within bounds and fielders must not cross bounds and touch ball and ground at the same time.”

Neser met both criteria, so his dismissal was justified. The Sixers were eventually bowled out for 209, giving the Heat a 15-run victory.

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