Today cricbuzz prediction: “Smith, look where Warner was…”: Ricky Ponting gives ‘horrible’ verdict to Babar Azam

Babar Azam may have been named ICC Men’s Cricket of the Year, but former Australia international skipper Ricky Ponting says the Pakistani star still has room to improve.

Pakistani captain Babar Azam was named the ICC men’s cricketer of the year on Thursday after scoring around 2,600 international runs in all formats of the game. Babar also led Pakistan to his two finals in last year’s Asian Cup and his T20 World Cup. He also won his ODI men’s award for the second year in a row since his Virat Kohli in 2017-18. Babar led Pakistan to victory in all three of his ODI series last year, with eight of nine games in which he scored 50 or more goals.

However, former Australian captain and batting champion Ricky Ponting believes Babar has yet to reach the pinnacle of international cricket. Ponting explained that most hitters are in their early 30s and in their prime. Barber is 28 years old.

“He probably isn’t [at his peak]. Most hitters hit their prime in his early 30s,” Ponting told the ICC.

“You work on the game, you improve the game to some extent, and that’s it for most people. Look at Steve Smith and (David) Warner and where they’ve gone. Steve Smith is probably doing his best with guys like Kane Williamson in his early 30s,” Ponting added.

Ponting continued to argue that Babar still has room for improvement.

He said: “I think Babar still needs to improve a bit, but it’s a pretty scary idea considering what he’s achieved in almost all three formats in the last three or four years. I love I think there is some room for improvement, but let’s hope we see it,” said the former Australia international skipper.

Babar Azam struggled at his T20 World Championship last year, in seven games he scored 124 his runs and batted at 93.23. The Pakistani skipper regained great run scores in his two other formats after the marquee tournament. Scrutinized as his captain after a straight set loss to England and a loss to New Zealand in the ODI series, Babar still excelled. Far on the side.

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