Today cricbuzz prediction: “You can’t do a 125 km/h bowler bowl at 150…”: Brilliant rendition of Umran Malik in ‘Fastest’ by Bharat Arun

Bharat Arun praised Team India Pacer’s Umran Malik and had some special advice.

Umran Malik recently received rave reviews for his performances in his international cricket team for India. The pacesetter has shown great form in his three-game ODI streak against Sri Lanka, which recently ended, making his first two appearances. In the first ODI the bowlers took 3 wickets in 8 overs and India won by 67 runs in Guwahati. In this match, Virat Kohli scored his 113 runs off his 87 balls. In the second ODI, the 23-year-old received two red cards in seven overs as India secured a four-wicket victory in Kolkata. Pacemakers did not qualify for the final ODI, which India won by 317 runs. Consistently he has bowled over 150 games, Umran is also part of the India squad for his upcoming 3-game ODI and T20I series against New Zealand. With the ODI series set to begin in Hyderabad on Wednesday, Umran hopes to build momentum when the opportunity presents itself.The Jammu and Kashmir cricketer is determined to win his ODI Worlds title this year if he continues his impressive performances. It can also confuse your cup. In a recent interview with News24 Sports, former Indian bowling coach Bharat Arun analyzed Umran and asked for advice on how to beat Shoaib Akhtar’s land speed record. “Umran Malik is a great find for India. Someone who regularly plays over 150 bowlers.He is a huge talent for India and we need to nurture that talent. There are options that make him a better bowler,” he said. “For fast bowling, fitness and skill are 50 to 50. He always has to work on both to maximize his potential. He has to work on those two things.

“As you work on the action, your line and length will improve, as will your speed. Exercise will help you pick up the pace. It’s also important to monitor your workload. Any bowler can easily pick up a 5 km/h pace with this kind of work (if asked if they can break Akhtar’s 161 km/h record). But if someone bowls 125, they can’t reach 150. About 135 putts can be 140 putts. A person ranked 140th in bowling can rise to 145th. But we can’t increase it much,” he added.

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