Today cricket match prediction: Ajinkya rahane claims 5 days of games across the Ranji Trophy.

Ajinkya Rahane called out to play the game over five days in the Ranji Trophy Group Stage. Currently, only the quarter-finals and beyond are played over five days, with group matches lasting four days each.

Rahane was speaking after Mumbai were eliminated from the group stage of his 2022-23 rune his trophy. Mumbai needed a first innings lead to qualify and tied the first innings result with Maharashtra late on day three. As a result, they were forced to take the overall win on the fourth and final day. And after beating Maharashtra midway through the final day, they needed 253 in 28 overs. Mumbai hit the target with a good fist but when time ran out they were 58 seconds short of victory.

After Mumbai drew with Maharashtra, Rahane said “first-class cricket could become five-day cricket”. “We have five days of friendly matches for him and in five days the chances of a result are almost guaranteed. All games should be results oriented.

“Four days of games with flat decks don’t really yield results. We tried to get as many results as possible, but it would be difficult. In five days of cricket, this happens more often.” Not sure how it fits into the calendar, but Five Days Cricket will familiarize domestic cricketers to the rigors of first class cricket.

“If he plays one session, he can save a match in four days of games, but if he has to play three sessions, it will be more than enough to develop a better test cricketer. It will be a good opportunity.”
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Rahane said extending the match by three sessions could sharpen the player’s survival instincts and smooth his transition to Test cricket. “How you survive a session, how you control yourself with the ball, all these factors can be taken into account when playing all the Lunge Trophy games over the five days. Finals, semi-finals, and finals are 5-day games, which is not the case when implemented in leagues (stages).

Ajinkhya Rahane calls for demerit penalty for throwing overrun

Rahane also hoped the BCCI would consider introducing points his penalties instead of the current excessive offensive fines. Rahane will have the opportunity to up those points at his BCCI’s annual Captains and Coaches Conclave held after each season.

“Excess tariffs are extremely important,” he said. “If you don’t give points to a team that speeds too much, the monetary penalty doesn’t matter. increase.”

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