Today cricket match prediction: Ranji highlights: Haryana, Karnataka and Pudusheri recorded significant gains

Absolute result

Karnataka took his 10-wicket victory over Rajasthan on a fast-paced day at Alur. Manish Pandey scored a ton of goals early in the day to help Karnataka take a big lead in the first innings. Rajasthan still lifted Karnataka to just 15 despite showing a vastly improved fight with the racket in his second essay led by Mahipal his Romroll 83 ball his 99 and won.

Amit Rana’s seven-wicket move destroyed Nagaland in the second innings as Haryana won by an innings and 69 runs. Lana also featured in the first innings on a five-wicket move as Nagaland both failed to touch 100. Poor performances on the racket saw Goa fail on day three against Puducherry, losing by nine wickets. Ankit Sharma’s six wickets in his draw saw Goa eliminated by just 167 and Puducherry was able to win with only his 44.

Top knock

Sanjay Raghunath had an airy century against Chandigarh with Vidarbha declaring his 307/6 in the first innings and trying to force the result. With one day left, the match is likely to end in a draw.

A quick 78 from Saurabh Tiwary gave Jharkhand pole position over his Chhattisgarh. Jharkhand lost their final six wickets for just 67 runs, but Tiwari added an important run with a batting average of over 100. Chhattisgarh was chasing his 347 for the win but had already lost him four wickets at just 139 by stumps.

Dhruv Shorey’s stellar form in his Ranji Trophy this season continues as he hits his unbeaten 142 to lead Delhi’s comeback against Andhra’s 459/9. From his tricky 142/3, Shorey Delhi will pull up the stumps to his 300/4 and look to further reduce the deficit on the final day.

Govinda Poddar saved Orissa on his third day with a stunning Century, eventually turning the tables against Himachal Pradesh. Trailed by 67 points after the first innings, Orissa staggered to 77/4 before Podder broke out 135 from just 176 balls. With an unbeaten 50 from Prayash Singh’s 73 and Suryakant Pradhan’s just 37, Odisha set his 308 HP target on the final day.

Pradospoor missed his century, but Vijayshankar gathered tons after his 404 battle against Maharashtra to help Tamil his Nadu state. After missing an innings lead by 42 runs, TN got off to a strong start with the ball by removing Rutrajgai Quad early. Rahul Tripathi raced to 61 before Maharashtra embarrassed with a lead of 146, becoming the Sandeep Warriors’ third casualty of the innings. After making 159 in the first innings, Sachin Baby was again key for Kerala in the second essay when he made a crucial 93 for serve. Kerala declared at 242/7 and gave their services a target of 341 to win the competition. From the stumps he made 20 runs, but the final day will be a very difficult task.

Bowling best effort

Shardul Thakur blasted Assam in his second essay and put Mumbai on the brink of a big win. Assam, who started the batsmen well in the first innings, was bowled out for 370 on the third day and asked to continue. Shaadur then destroyed Assam with three quick wickets to stagger them at 36/5.

Mukesh Kumar was Bengal’s star in his third day, blowing his order top from Baroda and giving his team the best chance of winning the competition. Mukesh reduced his Baroda to his 8/3 and later he made it 39/7.

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