Today cricket match prediction: Starc, Green break Australia’s worry line in series win

Cameron Green and Mitchell Starc both have finger injuries, but the latter will likely take a long time to recover, making him a dangerous starter in February’s test series against India. Greene, who has broken his right index finger, plans to see a specialist and undergo surgery, but is likely to recover within a month. A tendon injury to his middle finger could put him on the sidelines for a long time.

“India is the next big tour and we’ll see what timeframe it will be. This is my bowling hand so I have to be pretty careful and cure it properly,” Stark said. told after Australia’s innings win over South Africa at the MCG on Thursday (December 29). “Ironically, (Green) comes back before me. Bones heal a little faster, but tendons are a little different. I think we both see the same specialist.”

“I still think everyone is feeling more confident about being more front-end [from the tour of India they are going to miss]. It’s all about how quickly you can do what you need to do,” Stark added. Despite injuring his finger in defense of the first innings, Stark pitched 18 overs in his second essay and was able to pick up a wicket from Sarle Erwee. He was banned from bowling while Green spent half a century battering his broken finger, but the medical staff was confident Stark would be able to bowl without aggravating his injury.

He said, “I didn’t know what was going to happen. I need my middle finger for control more than anything. I got a lot of painkillers. I could have jabbed it, but I think you need to feel the ball on your fingers, otherwise I feel like I’ve been sprayed all over the place,” Starc said.

“I once played with a broken leg…a test match cricket. I was injured on both sides and dropped out with the men (in the bowling division). Possibly broken finger Having a high Greene also helped force that decision. “Especially in bowling, it would have been difficult with only three bowlers with two games to go.”

Skipper Pat Cummins praises Stark and Green for their contributions despite sustaining injuries, and Steve Smith and David Warner for their first hits as they spend time at the crease in warmer temperatures. Did.

At a press conference, the Australian captain said:
“(Perhaps) it’s a good time to mention all of this week’s incredible accomplishments. Starcy with his fingers out for a few weeks to get the courage to go out and do it. For us.” put it out

“Saw Steve Smith and Davey (Warner) at 38 degrees on day two – brave, brave innings. That speaks volumes for the team at the moment. We are in a really good place because everyone will do anything for other people.”

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