Today cricket match report: Ranji Trophy Round 3 Highlights: Tamil Nadu concedes 3 points. Record wins for Assam, Saurashtra and Kerala

Lunge Trophy Live Score Update:
Get all live updates, scores, highlights and results for his third day of Friday’s third round match.

Delhi vs Tamil Nadu:
Playback stops when the amount of light is low. Drawn game. Tamil Nadu have 3 points.

Delhi vs Tamil Nadu:
Kuldip Yadav stopped Tamil Nadu’s swing as he took two wickets on consecutive balls as B Sai Sudharsan and Baba Aparajith fell. Skipper Baba Indrajit is in the center battling the waning light while Delhi controls the progression. With Tamil Nadu needing 91 runs and sunset approaching, the visiting side could once again be denied a full his points.

Delhi vs Tamil Nadu:
B. Sai Sudharsan and N. Jagadeesan got Tamil Nadu off to a great start. Jagadeesan fell for 18 on 11 balls, but Sai Sudharsan he sucked two sixes and was assisted by Washington Sundar. He needs 101 more runs for Tamil Nadu to win.

Delhi vs Tamil Nadu:
He needed 139 runs for Tamil Nadu to win the match, so the Washington Thunder he opted for a four-wicket move. Visitors bowling 162 runs from Delhi have a chance to beat the runs and get a perfect score. It follows N Jagadeesan and B Sai Sudharsan, who had good racquets. Tamil Nadu nearly shot down a similar chase against Hyderabad, and it will be interesting to see how the opening game approaches.

Delhi vs Tamil Nadu:
Washington Thunder, Sandeep Warrior, R. Sai His Kishore managed to leave Delhi by 8 points with his team’s lead at home surpassing his 100 run mark. It will be a good final session as Tamil Nadu grind tails and chase the total looking to score full points. Delhi vs Tamil Nadu:
Pradospoor slammed Jontisidou for removal as Delhi lost his five wickets by 86 runs behind him. Vaibhav Rawal continues to occupy the crease with an undefeated 60, joined by Himmat Singh. An attack on Tamil Nadu’s wickets and some more spice before the tea break.

Delhi vs Tamil Nadu:
Baibav Lawal has remained undefeated for over half a century, partnering with Jonti Sidhu to keep Tamil Nadu at bay. The partnership is going well, the two going unbeaten on 31 of his 67 balls and the lead is over his 70 runs. Tamil Nadu aims to topple Washington Thunder’s commissioned position.

Delhi vs Tamil Nadu:
Sandeep Warrior hits and eliminates his Dhruv Shorey. Dhruv Shorey scored 11 Boundaries with a well-made 115-ball 70, an important wicket for Tamil’s Nadu. Delhi took a 53-run lead at lunch on the final day with Tamil Nadu looking to pick a wicket and with two more sessions to go the visiting side will push hard for victory.

Delhi vs Tamil Nadu:
R Sai Kishore hits and the spinner traps his Yash Dhull. Tamil Nadu won’t be bothered by that, as he missed the Delhi captaincy as he reached the limit of seven in a brief stint on the wicket. Dhruv Shorey holds his ground and is approaching his half-century while Delhi take a slight lead.

Kerala wins over Chhattisgarh:
Kerala beat Chhattisgarh by seven wickets to score a full his points to record a glorious victory. With a meager 126 runs in total, the opener got his team off to a good start, with Sanju Samson-led side losing his three wickets, but at lunchtime he overtook the target with 19.1 overs to end his best year. I was.

Kerala vs Chhattisgarh:
Kerala lost his two quicks his wickets as Rohan Kunnumal and Sachin Baby fell, but he needed only 37 runs to win the match. Akshay Chandran opens the opener Rahul P. An 81-run opening stand between Rahul and Rohan helped Kerala and kept Chhattisgarh at bay for more pursuit. Kerala vs Chhattisgarh:
Rahul P and Rohan Kunnummal have surpassed his 50 points for Kerala and need another 70 points for Sanju Samson-led team to win. After starting, both openers will be looking to finish their runs quickly before lunch and record an overall win.

Delhi vs Tamil Nadu:
L Vignesh scored an early goal for Tamil his Nadu and sent off Vikas his Mishra in place of Duck. What a great start for visitors and it’s exactly what they had planned. Early wicket to leave two home sides behind. Skipper Yash Dur is in the middle, joining opener Dhruv Shorey. Dal fumbled in the first innings and tried to make amends in the crucial second tower as Tamil Nadu sniffed out the win.

Delhi vs Tamil Nadu:
Dhruv Shorey and Vikas Mishra started Delhi’s response on the final day, with Tamil Nadu aiming for an early wicket to secure victory in straight sets. Derry are still 82 runs behind and at home his side will look to close the gap without doing too much damage.

Assam beat Hyderabad:
What a sensational match this was as Assam overwhelmed Hyderabad to take the overall victory. The home side claimed 19 runs with wickets in hand, leaving skipper Tanmay Agarwal stranded for 126. As Riyan Parag caught last hitter Katikeya Kak and helped Assam to a memorable victory. the top one.

Day 3 report:
Tamil Nadu eyes triumph over Delhi

Delhi is back on Thursday in his third and second to last day of Ranji’s Trophy League match here at the Ferozhe Sharkotra Ground in Tamil against Nadu’s sub-team exhausted attackers. Matched and after taking an impressive 124-run lead, switched to his mode of match save.

In a rapidly fading light, the Washington Thunder brightened the team’s chances of victory with a “shooter” that bowled Anujirawat and staggered Delhi 28–1 in the second inning, but still fell by 96 runs. did.

This day really belonged to Pradosh his pole in Tamil Nadu. The left-hander hit for the seventh time in six Lunge Trophy fights since 2019, scoring a century (124, 212b, 16×4) and set his best record so far in his debut against the same opponent in Chennai. I broke my all-time record of 78.

Pradosh and Vijayshankar were not eliminated overnight, but Tamil he restarted the innings with 5 for 214 at Nadu. This equals Delhi’s tally of 303 after his 77 overs when the former broke his two consecutive boundaries. Her tally of 103 runs really drained Delhi. But at this point, his eleventh half century past, Vijay Shankar (52, 92b, 5×4) dropped out, followed by R. Sai Kishore. Pradosh continued to celebrate bowling in Delhi, accompanied by Ashwin Christo.The pair scored 88 runs for the eighth wicket to cement Tamil Nadu’s gain before Pradosh lost an off-stamp to Plansh. Added.

But Tamil Nadu was not yet finished. L. Vignesh joined Cristo and the duo added another 19 runs from 17 deliveries for the ninth wicket before declaration. On the first day he scored 14, on the second he scored 15, and on the third he scored 20, resulting in a huge overloss, so Tamil Nadu after taking the lead in the first innings We could have focused more on scoring more goals. The batsman’s lack of urgency and Pradosh’s approach to the century, Tamil Nadu’s approach suited Delhi. On Friday, much will depend on how the Tamil Nadu bowlers fare in the first session and how the Delhi coaches apply pressure to avoid a second defeat in three games. increase.

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