Top cricbuzz prediction: Australia chases Sydney for post-win briefing

Cummins’ declaring decision left the unfortunate Usman Khawadja stranded for 195 runs before the First Test Double Century and not out.

Australia trailed South Africa 149 to 6 in his fourth day of the rain-interrupted Third Test on Saturday. He then declared 475-4 with a view to winning a 3-0 win.

Bad weather, which washed out most of the two days of play, finally gave way at lunchtime, and Australia immediately declared that they would give the bowlers as much time as possible to dismiss the tourists twice.

Skippers Pat Cummins (3-29) and Josh Hazelwood (2-19) met the challenge with great speed and his bowling.

Marco Jansen, who missed 10 games, and Simon Hamer, who went undefeated in six games, will continue on Sunday with the task of leading tourists to 275 to avoid post-match matches. Cummins’ accounted decision left the unfortunate Usman Khawaja stranded for 195 runs before the First Test Double Century and not out.

Khawaja’s record was 164 more runs than Dean Elgar had previously managed in his fourth innings of the series, and the South African captain continued his bad form, trailing 15 short Hazelwood deliveries. .

South Africa survived the rest of the attack at an early pace, but Salel Erwie followed his first partner back to the 18th dressing room when he finished a delivery from Nathan Lyon who sliced ​​the side of a stump.

Heinrich Klaessen set off at 2 in the next over with gloves to give Cummins the first wicket, but the tourists held on to reach the tea break at 71 for 3.

Temba his babma he was making 39 when he got caught with his DRS confirmed decision to Cummins his Yorker Kaya Hazelwood for 35 to break a promising stand with his Zondo has postponed the delivery of After a miserable run for the tourists, South Africa’s top racquet player Kyle Verain was eliminated after 19 slow-tempo fires as Cummins began stabbing a ball Steve Smith snapped into the slip.

As Cummins and Hazelwood tried to move South Africa further up the batting order, ‘oes’ and ‘ars’ echoed through Sydney’s cricketing ground at dusk, but Janssen and Hamer held on.

Australia has already ended her winning streak with overall wins in Brisbane and Melbourne, but will have to win the final to secure a spot in the final of her championship at this year’s World Test.

However, those hopes were dashed on Thursday when the lights were weak on the second day, the game ended prematurely, and on Friday, the third day was completely undone by heavy rains blowing from the Pacific Ocean.

Light rain delayed the start of his fourth day on Saturday, but the sky cleared to allow play to resume, and the forecast for day five is clear and sunny.

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