Top IPL Prediction 2023:Rethinking is a realization that has haunted me since my debut : Ashwin

Batting alongside Shreyas Iyer, Ashwin played one of the best Test innings of his career, leading India from unlikely circumstances to a famous three-wicket win on Sunday.

Ravichandran Ashwin has given us a glimpse of what some people think of him as ‘overthinking’ the game after winning the match against Bangladesh in the second Test at Mirpur.

His Ashwin, who batted alongside Shreyas Iyer, played one of the best Tests of his career and his innings, knocking India out of unlikely circumstances with his famous three-wicket run. led to victory.

His 42-knot out came after a six-wicket match hole, earning him Player of the Match.

“Rethinking is a realization that has haunted me ever since I proudly wore the Indian jersey. I have been thinking about this for a while now and decided to do a PR exercise to get the word out of people’s heads. I think it should have been seriously considered,” Ashwin tweeted.

As well as his achievements on the pitch, Ashwin is one of modern football’s greatest thinkers and has a YouTube channel as well.

“Everyone’s journey is special and unique, but some trips require you to think about your journey, others you can afford to keep simple. I have seen it as a way to play cricket, not a way to encourage others to play. “Finally, I think deeply about games and share my opinions because I believe that shared ideas lead to great results.My goal is not to win a war of words, It’s something you’ll eventually learn, so the fact that it might not be popular doesn’t put me off.

The 36-year-old has already achieved greatness with 449 wickets in 88 Tests. He also takes 151 ODI and his 72 T20 International Scalp.

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